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We at Great Bear Enterprises are creating this weekly chat for all our readers, visitors and especially Cosmic Kalendar subscribers. 
Join us at Noon PST every Wednesday to be part of the World Goodwill Meditation Group – associated with Lucis Trust, where I worked in the 1970s in NYC and with spiritual centers around the globe. To quote from the Lucis Trust website...

"Goodwill is one of the most basic spiritual qualities of the human being and the great untapped resource at the heart of every human community. This energy is potentially a powerful force for social change – yet its power remains largely unrecognized and underutilized. World Goodwill fosters understanding of this energy and the role it is playing in the development of a new humanity…World Goodwill is Love in Action."

Note: The Cosmic Chat is an opportunity for us to join together once a week, asking and exploring questions pertaining to astrology, its higher significance and ability to create goodwill in all of our lives. It is not intended for receiving guidance about any person’s natal chart or the major cycles impacting a specific person. Visit the Astrology Shop  to order reports that explain the natal horoscope or the opportunities and challenges affecting your future, based on solar, lunar and planetary cycles.


Thank you for participating in this group-dynamic experience. 


Many Blessings, Mark Lerner

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