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Astro-Flash! Dateline: September 29, 2018 at 1:00PM PST: The initial concept to do an Astro-Flash section on this new Great Bear Enterprises website came to me with a sudden and shocking realization about Tiger Woods’ rare and almost impossibly profound Mars and Mercury Secondary Progressed placements as he won his first golf tournament in over 5 years on Sunday September 23. Fully expecting to see major fortuitous transits (the daily movement of celestial bodies in the heavens) showing up

affecting his birth chart (December 30, 1975; 10:50pm: Long Beach, California), I set up a tri-wheel horoscope formation in my main astrology software program and thought I was seeing an error. In the area showing his progressions – based on the traditional and well-accepted principle in our field of research where solar, lunar and planetary placements “each day after birth are equal to a year of life” – it appeared that progressed Mars now for Tiger Woods in Sept. 2018 was exactly where it was in December 1975 when he was born, with the same being true for his progressed Mercury now. The only way to trouble-shoot this seemingly possible error in the software was for me to take out my trusty “bible of astrology” – the ephemeris book where you can look up celestial bodies for every day of every year.

What I saw was the following: Tiger Woods was born with a retrograding Mars i