Talk Astrology directly with Mark Lerner! You decide the focus and your consultation and sharing with Mark will be tailored to your needs, goals and current life situation. Mark Lerner has been a practicing professional astrologer since 1973. You can read more about Mark’s background in the About Mark Lerner page on this website.


5 Great Consultations to Choose From…

Price range: $99 to $310


For All Sessions: In addition to your birth information, you will need to provide a few paragraphs of biographical information so Mark knows a bit more about your life. You can list your main hobbies, current work or career focus, key questions you want to go over in the consultation, goals or plans for the future, your knowledge of astrology and whether you have ever seen your birth chart before – plus anything else pertinent that you want to add. You can submit this information via email after your purchase. If you have any questions on this request, you can ask them when we contact you for scheduling. 


New! Special 30-Minute Session $99

For a limited time, Mark is offering a 30-minute reading that he does on his own and then sends the recording either to your mobile phone text line or email address. This is a Transit type reading – similar in style and content to the 45-minute session listed below. This type of reading is a fantastic way to receive a positive, Jupiterian jolt in your life – moving you back onto a path of worldly success and personal fulfillment across the board. 


Special 45-Minute Session $150

Mark is offering this special 45-minute reading, designed to give you approximately 7 main transits influencing your birth chart over the next few months. The transits are: Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (plus Venus, which is a key to money, love, creative artistry and social activities). This type of reading is a fantastic way to receive a positive, Jupiterian jolt in your life – moving you back onto a path of worldly success and personal fulfillment across the board. 


One-Hour Session $210

In this 1-hour reading, the focus is either on (A) your natal chart or (B) your major transits and progressions -- dynamic cycles affecting your birth map -- over the next year or so. 


90-Minute Session $250

This reading can include any or all of the following: Your natal chart energies and patterns; Significant transits and progressions unfolding during the next year or so; Major planetary stations, midpoint structures and other unusual astrological factors at the time of your birth; your current Solar Return (or birthday chart) or the next one coming up.  


Something Special with Compatibility $310

This Something Special consultation is the same as the Longer Session of 90-minutes above, except that it is compatibility oriented – where we are discussing you and a significant other. You must provide complete and accurate birth information for up to two individuals, as well as provide the same biographical information as indicated above. 


Consultation Details


  • Each session listed below (except the new 30-Minute session that Mark records on his own) is done by telephone - where Mark will call you (if you are living in the USA or Canada) or you will call Mark, if you are living elsewhere. 


  • Session Recording: At the time of our consultation, I will call you from a mobile number and the session will be recorded. At the end of the consultation, the recording becomes processed and then, within the next few hours, I send the recording to your mobile phone line, and you can listen to the consultation and save it to listen again anytime in the future. 



  • Each astrology session is carefully created based on exact birth times, places and dates, and the personal information you provide. There will be a text area for you to provide this critical information when you order this consultation. 


Important note about consultation scheduling:  


  • Once your order is placed, you will be contacted for scheduling. Consultation dates are scheduled to take place approximately 10-14 days after your order. Note: The new 30-minute reading that Mark does on his own as a recording will usually be sent to your mobile phone text line or email address within approximately one week of your placing the order.


  • Consultations are scheduled during afternoons, Pacific Time, on weekdays. (No mornings or weekends). If necessary, an early evening session Pacific Time can be arranged if a weekday afternoon is not possible.


  • We will coordinate the time with you and provide options that best fit your schedule in accordance with Mark's available appointments. 

Astrology Phone Consultations With Mark Lerner

  • Refund Policy: Due to the nature of our business, all sales of astrological consultations, charts, reports, subscriptions, renewals, tapes, class materials, gift subscriptions and gift certificates, tarot deck-book sets are final -- once the credit card orders have been processed and/or checks and money orders have been received and deposited. In the extreme case that there is a discrepancy or error in your chart data, we will work with you to ensure your information is corrected and resent. Thank you for your kind support and understanding.