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Mark Lerner's 

EST. 1981 ~ Celebrating 41 Years of Daily Astrological Guidance Mark Lerner Cosmic Kalendar

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for 18 Years!


What Is The Cosmic Kalendar?

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Podcast: The Astrology In the Cosmic Kalendar and Why You Need It. This new podcast provides the history of how the Cosmic Kalendar came into being 41 years ago in 1981 and was originally the center-piece of my Welcome to Planet Earth astrology newsletter-newspaper-magazine for 20 years from 1981 to 2000. The Astrology Cosmic Kalendar is now a mobile app and web app online and you can download, access and subscribe by clicking here.

What is the Cosmic Kalendar?


The Cosmic Kalendar is a creation of Mark Lerner and started as the center-piece to Welcome to Planet Earth -- a pioneering astrological newspaper & magazine -- that reached thousands of subscribers, in print, for 19 years (1981 - 2000).


You will find user-friendly information, creatively written, about each day's solar, lunar and planetary alignments. In addition, Chiron and the 4 main asteroids are covered, as are void-of-course Moon cycles, major celestial alignments, New & Full Moons, Eclipses, Solstices, Equinoxes, Stations, Retrogrades and much more.


Now as an online resource since 1995, each paid subscriber has full access to the entire Daily Calendar Section which has several features -- the main one being the Extended Daily Cosmic Kalendar always running 2 to 4 weeks into the future, and updated around every week or so.


There is also a special PDF that has each individual month as its focus (i.e. July, August) and which appears during that one-month duration. No other website in the world carries the Mark Lerner Extended Daily Cosmic Kalendar -- running 3 to 4 weeks into the future. It is only available here, and thousands of subscribers have found it indispensable in understanding the all-important sky patterns that are a major influence in all of our lives.

The Cosmic Kalendar is now a Mobile Application for Android and iOS devices, and we also have a dedicated website for viewing the kalendar on your computer and mobile browsers. Visit to learn more, download the app and get started!


Need help? Email Katya for support.

Why Subscribe?

  • The only place in the world where you have access to 2 to 4 weeks into the future

  • Fascinating and user-friendly astro-information

  • Chiron and 4 main asteroid cycles and aspects included

  • New Moons, Quarter Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses, Equinoxes and Solstices

  • Void-of-course Moon data 

  • Quintiles (72-degree aspects), as well as 45-degree, 135-degree and 150-degree aspects

  • Major Planetary alignments highlighted

  • All-important stations and retrogrades reported and interpreted


Visit the Cosmic Kalendar website to subscribe, sign in or sign up today! 

Cosmic Kalendar

"I check the Cosmic Kalendar daily, but especially when I have important meetings to schedule, trips to plan, or big decisions. The ONE time I didn't do it and purchased a car randomly, it ended up being a lemon! Maybe a coincidence but I don't think so. Mark's calendar helps guide my timing on important decisions and I find it to be very easy and reliable to read. Thanks a bunch. I've been a subscriber now for 20 years! When I couldn't find you on yahoo! anymore I panicked. Thank goodness I found you again. Many thanks! 

- Joanne, New Mexico

What People Are Saying

Important to read before ordering the Cosmic Kalendar

The valuable and important sky cycles and alignments described in the Daily Cosmic Kalendar are crucial for students of astrology and professionals in our field to understand because, while each person has his or her own personal cycles (known as transits and progressions) influencing one’s birth chart, the everyday influences in the heavens – for everyone as written in the Daily Cosmic Kalendar – will either support or potentially interfere with your own dynamic aspects. Therefore, people who learn about astrology and begin to understand their natal chart patterns and their personal cycles also need to tune-into the everyday celestial alignments – which are another entire realm of important astrological influences that will either reinforce what is going on for you or potentially impede your plans. 


If you only learn about your own horoscope, and are fortunate enough to become a professional astrologer or find a professional astrologer to help you interpret the major celestial alignments influencing your life each day, but you don’t know what is going on with the always-changing sky configurations as presented in the Daily Cosmic Kalendar, you are missing a wealth of information that is actually a vital part of your proceeding upward on your Higher Destiny path in this lifetime.

The daily cosmic kalendar is not a personal horoscope or tailored to your birth information. If you are looking for a personal horoscope, consider one of our astrology reports, especially The Sky Within, located in our shop, or a professional consultation. If you have additional questions about the Cosmic Kalendar, please contact us. Thank you!

Visit the Cosmic Kalendar website to subscribe, sign in or sign up today! 

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