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50% OFF All Individual Astrology & Numerology Reports!

Our Astrology & Numerology Reports bring deep insight and guidance into your lives and the lives of loved ones - with accurate, timely & personalized astrology information written in plain english so that anyone can enjoy reading, even if you can't read your own birth chart or have any past experience understanding the study of astrology. Our reports are sent as PDF email attachments & received within 48-72 hours after ordering. Tell a Friend! Astrology reports make great gifts all year long!

Our 3-in-1 Super Special Report Offers are a customer favorite!


Learn Astrology!

The Complete Set for $249!

Mark Lerner's School of Planetary Studies

Learn Astrology with Mark Lerner online at your own pace! Individual levels of this course run $199 each. However, when you buy all 3 levels together as a complete set, you normally get all for just $299.99! BUT RIGHT NOW you can get the Complete Set for $249!! 

No code required! Best Value!


FREE* 6-Month Astrology Timeline Report ($45 value!) when you subscribe / renew to the Cosmic Kalendar for our annual $49.99 plan

Find some time to tune in to where you are at right now in your life, settle in to a comfortable spot and indulge by reading your personal Timeline Report -- our most sophisticated report describing your current and future time-periods according to planetary cycles. Transits, Secondary Progressions, and Eclipses are all woven together – and in chronological order. Highlight sections and visually graphed listings allow you to scan through all the direct hits. Explanations in Plain English are provided for all aspects given. 

Note: Your birth month, day, year, time (AM/PM) and location is required to generate this specialized report. 

*Complimentary report offer is for our annual $49.99 plan only. Upon successful subscription, Mark will email you for your birth information and reply back once received with your report as a PDF attachment.

Mark Lerner's Cosmic Kalendar Mobile App
Mark Lerner's Astrology Cosmic Kalendar App on Google Play
Mark Lerner's Astrology Cosmic Kalendar App on iOS

Mark Lerner's Cosmic Kalendar 

is now a new website & mobile App!

Download Free for daily access. Subscribe to get 3-4 weeks into the future on our lowest plans ever! 

$5.99 / mo $29.99 /6-mo or $49.99 /yr (best value!)

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