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Astrology & Asteroids

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Includes 3 Reports: The Sky Within, Sky Log and Numerology!

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Mark Lerner's School of Planetary Studies

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*Two Free Reports! A Special Offer with every 1-yr Cosmic Kalendar Subscription or Renewal!

 With any 1-year Cosmic Kalendar subscription or renewal, you will receive TWO complimentary reports:  Heaven Knows What and Child Star Natal– sent to you as attachments in email. Following your subscription or renewal, Mark will contact you requesting your birth data. Each report retails at $35 value, giving you back a total of $70 in astrology reports with every 1-year subscription!


Heaven Knows What is a natal and transit report combined. It is based on the astrologer Grant Lewi’s wisdom and teachings. He wrote two best sellers on astrology back before World War II – Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions. This report offers a unique slant on your birth chart energies and key, potent transiting cycles affecting your life during the near future.


Child Star Natal  is a complete report on a child or teenager. It is usually over 40 pages in length and describes planetary positions, prominent zodiacal signs, key aspects, house emphasis and much more. Great for newborns and gifts! 

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Mark Lerner's Cosmic Kalendar 

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$5.99 / mo $29.99 /6-mo or $49.99 /yr (best value!)

*After subscription or renewal is processed, Mark will send you an email to collect your birth chart information & then email you back your free "Heaven Knows What" and "Child Star Natal" astrology reports as PDF attachments.