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Global Intro

Astro-Locational Charting

This section of our website is devoted to features regarding Astro-Locational charting. The main astrological pioneer in this field was Jim Lewis who introduced what he named Astro*Carto*Graphy to the world in 1976. The fundamental idea in this multi-faceted, complex realm of astrology is that any horoscope has its corresponding solar, lunar and planetary influences impacting the Earth along various longitude and latitude lines; therefore, terrestrial maps can reveal where celestial bodies from a birth moment are affecting key cities, states, nations and regions around the world. 

From the individual standpoint, this has vast implications since any person can learn where certain locations can change one’s life directions and higher destiny in profound ways.

I recommend three classic books for your study – The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy by Jim Lewis with Kenneth Irving, The Astro*Carto*Graphy Book of Maps: The Astrology of Relocation by Jim Lewis and Ariel Guttman, and Planets in Locality by Steve Cozzi. Plus, available in the Shop Mark Lerner Astrology Store (see top area of this website) are the following along with a sample report you can read before placing any order – Relocation, Alter-Your-Destiny Reports (via the advanced Horizons Software program from Matrix) provide a wealth of information on your main alignments, opportunities and challenges in another city other than where you were born. Based originally on the pioneering work of astrologer Jim Lewis in the 1970s, each report contains several pages of interpretation as well as your birth chart relocated to the city of your choice (with the 4 main asteroids and Chiron included in the chart wheel along with the Sun, Moon, 8 planets, and the Lunar Nodes). With this discounted offer, specially priced at $60, you can request 5 different cities and towns from anywhere around the world. Note: It is important to have an accurate birth time to receive the best results if ordering these kinds of reports, and the cities chosen should be several hundred miles apart (or ideally in different time zones) to provide key insights emphasizing the influence of various solar, lunar and planetary themes.


Now let’s begin with a fascinating look at an event back in 2012.

The map included (as an example) shows planetary lines of Mercury in fiery Leo overhead and Saturn Rising in Libra -- during the Full Moon (July 3, 2012) -- over a substantial part of the USA Midwest Region & East Coast where the intense heat and power failures affecting millions. You will note that Mercury and Saturn are also exactly 75 degrees apart. 75-degrees? That's not an aspect, is it? Guess what? It is -- particularly if you realize that the Earth itself is divided into 24 time-zones of 15 degrees each and if you divide the 360-degree circle of the zodiac by 24 (also the # of hours in a day), you get the number 15.  


Well, an aspect of 75 degrees is precisely 5/24 of the zodiac. Some students of astrology might think I am making this up. I'm not. Many wise and knowledgeable professional astrologers over the centuries -- Johannes Kepler, Charles Carter, Charles Jayne, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, Dane Rudhyar, Edward Johndro, Grant Lewi, Michael Erlewine, Evangeline Adams and Noel Tyl -- would certainly be open to considering two celestial bodies separated by exactly 75 degrees to have some kind of powerful influence. In this case, I believe it is the fiery power of Mercury in Leo (ruling energy of air, atmospherics and temperature!) coordinating with the restrictive, frustrating and chronic nature of Saturn (also in an air sign) -- where both together have been co-creators of this recent heatwave in the USA Midwest and Eastern regions.

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City Rating Intro


As a special service for subscribers, the City Rating List provides 10 USA cities and 10 cities from around the world that are "looking up" or "fairing poorly" over a time-period of approximately two weeks. How is this calculated? By utilizing the latest techniques in Relocation Astrology -- which was originally devised by the late, great astrologer and researcher, Jim Lewis. 


What I do is update the list every two weeks -- at the New Moon and Full Moon. First, I calculate the chart of the New or Full Moon in question. Then that chart is revamped in the Matrix Software Horizons software program.

 I look at maps of countries to see which planets are rising, setting, above or below in key urban areas. This reveals which planetary and celestial principles are deeply at work in those localities.

For example, if Mars, Saturn or Pluto (and sometimes Uranus or Neptune) is on one of the four main angles in a city at the New or Full Moon being analyzed, I may include that location in the red-arrow down section. On the other hand, if Mercury, Venus or Jupiter (and sometimes the Sun, Moon, Chiron or an asteroid) is on one of the four main angles in a city at the New or Full Moon being analyzed, I may include that location in the green-arrow up section.

How can this help you? If you are traveling to that city (or nearby), it may help you to know whether the astrological vibes are upbeat and favorable or looking more gloomy and distressing. You may also know someone who lives in the cities mentioned or you could be contemplating visiting for a future move of your own or for business reasons, to attend a conference, visit a friend, and so on. Plus -- you don't always have to go to that city for the city's astro energy-field to influence you. Perhaps -- through resonance and synchronicity -- a person born in that area of the nation or the world makes contact with you or shows up on your doorstep.

Another reason for this service is that you never know when one city or another suddenly captures the headlines for a few days or a week or so. One reason this actually happens is due to dynamic solar, lunar or planetary impacts from each New or Full Moon on earthly localities. Thus, our City Rating List can actually function as a kind of precognitive urban anticipatory index -- scoping out, ahead of time, cities that may be on the verge of going through a significant shift in consciousness or experiencing a stunning event.

Keep in mind that specific cities are always listed, but you can add -- at least -- 40-50 miles in every direction and include other towns and cities. And that is a conservative estimate. Thus, if San Francisco is mentioned in any listing, there may be dozens of other towns nearby that are being impacted.

SPECIAL REPORTS OFFER: Enjoy this wonderful service and experiment with it. You can also inquire about ordering my special HORIZONS RELOCATION REPORTS -- in which you receive 5 fascinating and inspiring relocation reports for cities that you choose.


These reports have quite a lot of amazing text and include your color relocation chart for that city and your relocation map for that area of the world. With this offer priced at $60, you can request 5 different cities and towns from anywhere around the world. 

Stunning Example of How the City Rating List Works Astrologically: 

Upon setting up this new service for subscribers (during the week of March 10, 2008), I looked over the exact alignments occurring at the Pisces New Moon of March 7 -- throughout America and the world. I saw that Saturn was overhead through Lhasa, Tibet. To me, this suggested a heavy authoritarian influence or possible negative energy-field influencing Lhasa (and the surrounding areas). 

March 14, 2008 -- here is a lead headline and first paragraph from the front of The New York Times online:

Chinese Police Clash With Tibet Protesters
BEIJING — Violent protests erupted Friday in a busy market area of Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, as Buddhist monks and other ethnic Tibetans clashed with Chinese security forces. Witnesses say the protesters burned shops, cars, military vehicles and at least one tourist bus.

This is a perfect example of WHY the City Rating List is very relevant and can be a fascinating tool for astrological purposes in your research, travel plans and life experience.

City Ratings
USA Rating List​
As a special service for subscribers, the City Rating List provides 10 USA cities and 10 cities from around the world that are "looking up" or "fairing poorly" over a time-period of approximately two weeks. 









Rapid City

Concord, NH

World Rating List​
As a special service for subscribers, the City Rating List provides 10 USA cities and 10 cities from around the world that are "looking up" or "fairing poorly" over a time-period of approximately two weeks.





Buenos Aires


Da Nang





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