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Astro-Business Keys

Unlock the power of the planets in your daily life!

Why are we providing you with this complementary section?

It is because each celestial body has strong and clear afflictions with products, services, activities, areas of life expression, organizations and archetypal qualities to values.


Utilize this part of the website effectively in the following ways:

  • Connect the planetary themes listed with what is happening day-by-day inside the daily Cosmic Kalendar 

  • Realize that certain companies, businesses, stocks, markets and investments may be more empowered, weakened or destabilized on any given day because the planetary alignments and movements are harmonious, disharmonious or not in rapport

  • Consider ordering a natal chart and various astrology reports that help you understand your own personal planetary strengths and vulnerabilities - helping you to cash in on your cosmic assets and lessen the challenges of your cosmic liabilities

  • Memorize the following lists to the best of your ability since celestial bodies have powerful connections with tangible, practical resources in the material world.

Astro-Business Keys


Gold; Heart products, devices and medicine; Solar Power; Power-Energy Stations, Grids and Sources; Companies connected to Light and Heat; Celebrities and Star Power; Performers and the Theater (with Neptune); Hydrogen and Fusion Technology; Monarchies, Royalty, World Leaders and Superiors; Fire and combustion themes (associated with Mars and Vesta).


Currencies; Trade and Business in general; Markets and Indices; Communication and Transportation; Books, Papers, Journalism and Literature; Schools and Libraries; Workshops and Conferences; Travel, Agents and Messengers; Health and Medicine in general; the Five Senses and Learning techniques; Mathematics (with Saturn) and Music (associated with Venus and Neptune); Postal Services; the Bird Kingdom; Wind Power; Breathing, the Lungs and their illnesses; the Element Mercury - its uses in industry and toxic properties; Magic, Trickery and Alchemy; Games and Toys in general; Children (with the Moon).


Copper; Banks; Land and Property; Assets and Savings; Barter, Art, Museums, Galleries, Objects of beauty and Beauty Products; Hair and Beauty Salons; Marriage (with Juno); Love and Romance (with Mars and Neptune); Women's and Feminist organizations in general (with the Moon); Flowers and the Plant Kingdom; The pursuit of Pleasure; Festivals, Nightclubs and Entertainment; Valuables and Possessions; Gemstones (with Pluto); Sugar, Sweets, Seasonings and Spices; the Kidneys and its illnesses; Perfumes, Cosmetics and Jewelry; Mirrors (with the Moon).


Silver; Commodities; Mass Consumption, Consumer Interests and Reports; the Public and its moods and passing fads; the Home, Domestic Life and furnishings for the household; Restaurants and the Food industry (with Ceres); Hotels (with Juno and Jupiter); the Mother Archetype (with Ceres); Pregnancy and its products and services (with Ceres and Juno); Liquids and especially water and milk; Rhythms, Cycles and Phases; Bodies of Water (with Neptune); Dreams, Visions and Psychic Powers (with Neptune); the Stomach and its illnesses, Mirrors, Windows and Glass; Antiques and Collectibles (with Mercury).


Iron; Athletics and Exercise; Gymnasiums, Sports facilities and equipment, Muscles and products to gain strength and personal power; Debt, Taxes and Losses especially through rising interest rates and inflation; Animals (with Ceres); Welfare, Soldiers and military services, organizations and technology; Products, themes and issues related to Sexuality and Masculinity; Blood and its medicines and products; Volatility, Anger and Violence; Fevers, Burns, Inflammation and anything acute; Surgeons, knives and sharp implements; Power Tools and Machinery; Engineering and Construction (with Saturn); Fire themes (with the Sun and Vesta); Accidents and Dangers.


Cereals and Grains; Mother Earth and Nature; Agriculture and Farming; the Food Industry; Gardening (with Venus and the Moon); Productivity; Maternal Figures (with the Moon); Parent-Child relationships; the Environment and organizations like Greenpeace (with Juno); Veterinarians; pets and pet products (with the Moon); Cooking and Baking (with the Moon); Nutrition, Herbs and Botany; the Labor force in general.


The Daughter Archetype; Wisdom and Inventiveness; Mental Strategy and genius, particularly in the Art of Warfare; DNA, Genetic Research ad everything connected to the Immune System; Weavers an Sculptors; Embroidery and sewing products; Chess, high-level gaming, brain teasers and problem-solving; City Planners, laboratory Worker, Researchers and Computer Programmers; Economists and Technicians.


The Wife Archetype; Clothing and Fashion Design; Childbirth (with the Moon and Venus); Marriage, Weddings and Empowerment or Disempowerment in Love and Relationship (with Venus); Equal Rights and Fair Treatment under the law; Diplomats and Decorators; Hostesses and Parties; Meteorology, weather changes and any kind of atmospheric storms; Disenfranchisement of the Small, Weak and Vulnerable; Terrorism and Rage by the Powerless.


The Sister Archetype; Ovens, Stoves, Furnaces and Chimneys; Fire and flames (with the Sun and Mars); Safety and Security – including National Security organizations and top-secret groups; Social Security and Pensions; Locks and Keys; First-Aid and its products and services; Investments in time, energy and money; Stocks and Financial Markets in general (with Mercury); Stock Brokers, Security Guards, Insurance Salesmen; Heritage and Ancestry (with the Moon); Investigators; Nuns, Monks, Priests and Priestesses; Ancient Temples and Sanctuaries.


Tin; Religion and Philosophy; Higher Learning and Universities; Long-Distance Journeys, Vacations and Hotels (with the Moon and Juno); anything Big and Large-Scale; the Social realm in general; Publishing and Authors (with Mercury); Good Luck, Fortune and Wealth Accumulation; Levity and Leisure; Courts, Attorneys, Judges and Legal matters; Team Sports, Archery and anything connected to horses (with Chiron); Educators and Expansion of the mind; Gambling, Speculation and Casinos (with Pluto); Honors and Philanthropy; Luxury, Overdoses, Pride and Arrogance; Healers and Physicians (with Mercury and Chiron); the Liver and its illnesses; Hopes and rising to the heights.


Lead and its products and toxic properties; CEOs, Directors and Managers; Builders, Masonry, working on construction projects (with Mars); Architecture (with Mercury); Dentists and teeth; Bones and joints; Skin conditions and products; Scientists and Logicians; Traditional Mentors, Teachers and Father Figures; Rules of the Road; Elders, Senior Citizens, Retirement Homes and Organizations; the Saturn car company; Clocks, Watches and Time; Climbing and camping equipment (with Jupiter); Coldness in any form and Chronic problems; Pessimism, Depression, Restrictions and Delays; Fate, Fears and Falls.


The Twilight Zone and Déjà vu; Rainbow Bridges and Bridge-building; Healers and Shamans; Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healing; Counselors, Therapists, Guides and Coaches; Wounds and Pains; anything connected to the hands (with Mercury); Chiropractors; Mavericks, Catalysts and Outsiders; Divination systems, Oracles and UFOs.


Uranium; Radioactivity; the Multi-Media; High-Technology and Computers; Airlines and aviation; the Industrial Revolution; all things revolutionary, rebellious, shocking and surprising; Earthquakes and seismic activity (with Neptune and Pluto); the Nervous System, neurological conditions and practitioners; Circulation of the blood; Breakthroughs and Breakdowns; Instability and Uncertainty; Satellites, GPS, Cellular Phones, the Internet; Experiments and Discoveries; the Assembly Line; Guns and Rifles; Astrology, Numerology, Occultism and Metaphysics.


Oil (with Pluto); Shipping, Seas, Oceans, Cruises and Fishing (with the Moon); Products and Treasures from waterways, but also toxic spills and pollution; Tsunamis and Hurricanes (with the Moon and Juno); Gasoline and Refineries; Plastic and Rubber; Film, Photography, Movies, Fantasy and Imagination; Socialism and Communism; Psychology and Psychics; Yoga, Spiritual Studies and Out-of-the-body experiences; Gurus, Fanatical Religious Beliefs and Far-out Concepts; Dreams and Visions (with the Moon); Global Financial Markets and the International Economy; Long-Term Monetary Waves and Cycles; Malls and Department stores; Supermarkets (with the Moon); Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Acids and Gases; Addictions and Alcoholic Beverages; Confusion, Chaos and Fog; Mass advertising; Global forces and anti-globalization movements; Hospitals and Prisons (with Saturn and Pluto).


Oil and “Black Gold” (with Neptune); Diamonds; Coal, Mining and Underground resources and minerals; Plutocracy and government by the wealthy (who are usually covert); Gemstones (with Venus); Casinos (with Jupiter); Detectives, Espionage, Mysteries and Secrets; Hypnosis and Auto-Suggestion; Past-Life Recall and Reincarnation; Morgues, Undertakers and Cemeteries (with Saturn); Metamorphosis and Transformation; Death and Rebirth; Recycling; Bombs, Nuclear and Atomic Energy; Deadly Illnesses and Pandemics (with Neptune and Saturn); Compulsions and Obsessions; Scandals and Disasters; Extremes of any kind; Lasers in medicine and technology; Plumbing, Tunnels and things hidden from plain sight; Governmental power and people in control; Dictators, Mobsters, Crime and the Underworld; Panic, Bankruptcy and Financial Crashes.

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