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Heliocentric Nodes

The Heliocentric Nodes of the Planets are the two places in our zodiac where a planet in the solar system intersects with the ecliptic – the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. They are similar to the Lunar Nodes (Moon’s orbital intersection with the Earth’s orbit) except that the heliocentric nodes primarily move forward in the zodiac (at a very slow pace).

The degrees listed below function as “super-planets.” Particularly note if one of the orbits is very closely conjunct your natal angles (rising-setting or vertical meridian axis), a planetary position in your chart, the Sun or Moon at your birth. You should only use an orb within about 1 degree.

Mercury 18 degrees 30 minutes Taurus-Scorpio

Venus 16 degrees 49 minutes Gemini-Sagittarius

Mars 19 degrees 40 minutes Taurus-Scorpio

Jupiter 10 degrees 38 minutes Cancer-Capricorn

Saturn 23 degrees 44 minutes Cancer-Capricorn

Uranus 14 degrees 0 minutes Gemini-Sagittarius

Neptune 11 degrees 58 minutes Leo-Aquarius

Pluto 20 degrees 29 minutes Cancer-Capricorn

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