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New! Our 3rd Astro Report Super-Special: Get into Your Progressions!

Progressions are not Transits! The two main systems – Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Progressions – go back to the days, weeks and months after your birth many years ago and provide a deep understanding of your life, emotionally, psychically and spiritually. This 3-in-1 super special includes 3 exceptional reports, Time Line, Solar Arc Progressions and Life Progressions, discounted and priced at just $89.99.

See below for the descriptions and the kinds of interpretations you will receive within the TimeLine, Solar Arc Progressions and Life Progressions report.


1-Year Timeline

Timeline (1-Year Version) is our most sophisticated report describing your current and future time-periods according to planetary cycles. Transits, Secondary Progressions, and Eclipses are all woven together – and in chronological order. Highlight sections and visually graphed listings allow you to scan through all the direct hits. Explanations in Plain English are provided for all aspects given. IMPORTANT: Report must begin on the first day of a calendar month.


Solar Arc Progressions

Solar Arc Predictions Guide is a highly unusual and adept progression-type report based on utilizing the Sun’s progressed motion in your life and advancing all the natal planetary placements by that arc. This unique report is designed by the highly-respected professional astrologer Noel Tyl who has spent years analyzing and refining this system. A 10-year report is generated that has specific dates, the types of alignments occurring, and several revealing keynotes to study. This report will also reveal solar arc progressions to natal midpoints. The emphasis in Solar Arc Predictions is quality rather than a large-scale report with in-depth analysis. The 10-year report – with a very helpful introductory section – may only run about a dozen pages, but it can become an indispensable monthly and yearly guide to developing trends and influences affecting your destiny. IMPORTANT: Report must begin on the first day of a calendar month.


Life Progressions

Life Progressions is a report on your Secondary Progressions. Secondary Progressions are based on a system where each day after your birth is equal to a year of life. It may sound magical, but it works – often with great exactitude. Progressions appear to influence most people emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. They offer opportunities for inner growth and higher realization. This report gives you dates and interpretations for some of the major progressions influencing you during the next 12 months and also in the recent past.


*Note: If you already have a fabulous 6-month or 1-year Sky Log Report, just give us the date when your report ends, and the report we send to you will begin on the first day of the month after your report ends.



We have sample reports in the Astrology Report shop at the bottom of the page of well-known people so you can see the type and quality of interpretations provided.


*** NOTE ON ALL REPORT ORDERS: Enter your exact birth data or any information requested to customize your reports properly. At checkout, you may be prompted to enter shipping information as part of your customer profile, however, all reports are now fulfilled via email within 48-72 hours.


Questions, email Mark Lerner's support team at Sample Reports are available for your review.

Get into Your Progressions! 3-in-1 Special

  • Due to the nature of our business, all sales of astrological consultations, charts, reports, subscriptions, renewals, tapes, class materials, gift subscriptions and gift certificates, tarot deck-book sets are final. In the extreme case that there is a discrepancy or error in your chart data, we will work with you to ensure your information is corrected and resent to you. To ensure you understand what our reports are like, we provide full PDF sample reports in our report store area. Thank you for your kind support and understanding. 

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