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School Of Planetary Studies

Mark Lerner's School Of Planetary Studies is now available online with digital audio learning! Each series includes (12) 1-hour digital audio files for listening online. Each series includes a PDF downloadable study guide, recommended reading list, and PDF downloadable set of charts for learning aids.


Learn at your own pace and feel free to contact us with any questions as needed. After purchase, you will need to request site access and sign in online via this website to view, download and listen to course materials.


The "Student Access" button to sign in is on the School Of Planetary Studies page. The School Of Planetary Studies can be accessed both on desktop/laptop computers as well as mobile devices.


Here is a listing of titles for the 12 Beginner classes:
1. Zodiac I
2. Zodiac II
3. Planets I
4. Planets II
5. Houses I
6. Houses II
7. Planetary Aspects
8. Whole Chart Patterns
9. Natal Interpretation (Synthesis of a Chart)
10. Transits
11. Progressions
12. Synastry (Chart Comparison) and Relocation


Here is a listing of titles for the 12 Intermediate classes:
1. Transits of the Outer Planets
2. Sun/Moon Cycles and Planetary Phases
3. Exoteric and Esoteric Rulerships
4. Understanding Mercury and Venus
5. Midpoints and Zodiacal Degrees
6. Retrograde Motion and Stations
7. Nodes, Orbits, Solstices & Power Points
8. Synastry and Compatibility
9. Relocation Astrology in Depth
10. USA Chart and Mundane Astrology
11. Dynamic Chart Synthesis I
12. Dynamic Chart Synthesis II


Here is a listing of titles for