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Skylog (3-month Version) is the fantastic sequel to The Sky Within designed by Stephen Forrest. Your Major Transits AND Secondary Progressions are interpreted in a dynamic, personal and inspired fashion. It’s a tour de force! NOTE: The starting date must be the first day of a calendar month.


To view sample reports, click the following: President Obama and Vladimir Putin – both with a starting date of June 1, 2016. NOTE: The samples are using the 6-month sample, but the style for the 1-year report is the same, just a full 12 months.


NOTE ON ALL REPORT ORDERS: Enter your birth data or any information requested to customize your reports properly in the field below. At checkout, you will be prompted to enter shipping information, however, all reports are now fulfilled via email within 48-72 hours. Questions, contact us. Thank you.

Skylog 3 MONTH