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The 7 Rays

This area offers an explanation of the importance and power of the 7 Rays -- streams of life energy that pervade our solar system, the Earth and Humanity.

Utilizing the 7 Rays with Your Cosmic Kalendar

Without getting too esoteric, it is said that 7 Rays or streams of life-energy that permeate our existence on the physical, etheric-vital, emotional-astral, mental, higher mental and spiritual planes have their origin in the 7 main stars of the Great Bear constellation. This is discussed throughout the Alice A. Bailey books. [For more on the rays, I recommend Esoteric Psychology I, The Destiny of the Nations, Esoteric Astrology and A Treatise on White Magic -- all published by Lucis Publishing Company.] 

These rays have very distinctive qualities and their immense power cycles in and out of humanity according to certain unknown rhythms. Solar systems, planets, nations, cities and human beings all have connections to the 7 Rays -- on spiritual, soul, personality, mental, emotional and physical levels. Here is just one sample table of the 7 Rays to give you a bird's-eye view of their energies. There are many other qualities that are correlated with each of these rays, but this will get you started.

Ray I Will-Power-Government-Creation-The Occultist
Ray II Love/Wisdom-Education-The Heart-The True Psychic
Ray III Active Intelligence-Adaptability-The Magician
Ray IV Harmony Through Conflict-Beauty-Intuition-The Artist
Ray V Knowledge-Mental Energy-Concrete Science-The Scientist
Ray VI Idealism-Religious Fervor-The Devotee
Ray VII Ceremonial Order-Synthesis-White Magic-The Ritualist

In addition to the above list, each ray "channels" its energy through one or two celestial bodies. Some celestial bodies are also considered sacred (due to advanced evolution in the cosmos) while others are non-sacred (less evolved). This is very crucial and here is a run-down of the current correlation (for this epoch of history):

Ray I Vulcan (An Intra-Mercurial sacred planet not yet discovered or 
existing on etheric levels; Pluto (non-sacred)
Ray II Jupiter and the Sun (both sacred celestial bodies)
Ray III Saturn (sacred) and the Earth (non-sacred)
Ray IV Mercury (sacred) and the Moon (non-sacred)
Ray V Venus (sacred)
Ray VI Neptune (sacred) and Mars (non-sacred)
Ray VII Uranus (sacred)

The first three rays are considered "primary," kind of like a spiritual trinity. Re-evaluate your own natal chart and the horoscopes of loved ones and friends according to the information presented above.

As you study the day-to-day celestial alignments in the Daily Cosmic Kalendar, you can always come back here to recognize which rays correspond to the planets involved in key sky patterns. That way you will know when certain rays are harmonizing with each other -- i.e. a Mercury-Neptune trine means that Rays 4 and 6 are flowing with each other -- or in a discordant relationship -- i.e. a Venus-Saturn square means that Rays 5 and 3 are abrasive and frictional to one another.

Note: Any of my Astrological Consultations -- see the left side of the main website -- can include important information on your major ray energies. Your transits and progressions in the future will also reveal key planets and their affiliated ray energies that are prominent for you. 

May the Force by with you -- spiritually. 

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