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Be one of the FIRST 15 people to place an order for $89.99+ and receive a FREE copy of Mark Lerner's Baseball Tarot! 

A Message from Mark Lerner about Baseball Tarot


In 1999 after ten years of hard work, in-depth research and an incredible amount of team spirit, Laura Phillips and I — along with illustrator Dan Gardiner and Workman Publishing in New York City — offered to the metaphysical and sports realms Baseball Tarot, our homage to the national pastime.

Baseball Tarot originated in an extended conversation I had one afternoon in 1989 with Laura at the Perelandra Bookstore in Eugene, Oregon. We realized quickly – beyond our profound connection to the sport and its history, famous and infamous personalities and myriad of stats – that both of our fathers had inspired a love of baseball to us growing up in New York. From that inspirational spark at Perelandra grew the decade-long journey into publication of this beautifully-illustrated set of 78 full-color tarot cards and a 300+ page interpretation book.

Due to a warehouse decision by the publishers several years ago, the vast stock of Baseball Tarot card-book sets were unfortunately destroyed. However, with a small number of Baseball Tarot sets I still have — in their original, unopened and wrapped condition — I am making Baseball Tarot complimentary to the first 15 people who place orders of $89.99 or more at this time on our website.

Baseball Tarot provides an exciting and unique divinatory experience of our national pastime, and can make a great gift for yourself or someone who loves sports, baseball and/or consulting an oracle for guidance.

Look through the variety of our services in the Astrology Shop on our website — Astrology Reports, Astrology Telephone Consultations, the Astrology Cosmic Kalendar App & Subscriptions, and The School of Planetary Studies — to place an order of $89.99 or greater and receive your copy of Baseball Tarot just in time to use it as an insightful companion to following your favorite baseball teams as the fall season gets underway and champions are crowned in America and around the world.


This offer is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Offer expires Tuesday, August 24, 2021.


(Important Note: If you are one of the 15 first customers, after placing your order and receiving the automatic confirmation from our website, I will personally email you about my sending out your complimentary Baseball Tarot card-book set via the USPS. USA Mailing Address Only)

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