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Genetically Engineered Salmon Approved for Consumption

Dateline Friday November 20, 2015: When I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s in the Forest Hills area of New York City, our family often frequented a fantastic seafood restaurant nearby in Rego Park. The name of that restaurant was Scott's Seafood. When you walked into the main dining hall and looked toward the kitchen (through a big glass window) you could see an enormous swordfish above the glass. And a big sign was also placed there with the following slogan: "The Fish you eat today slept last night in Chesapeake Bay."

Now the floodgates of potential hazards to the American public regarding animal-food consumption have just been opened wide as the FDA has approved the consumption of a specific type of genetically-engineered Salmon.This is the first time the U.S.has approved a genetically-engineered animal for consumption by the public.

[You can read the original article that I saw in the NYTimes Online from November 19, 2015.]

Although "supposedly" the FDA declares there is no risk to the public and, percentage-wise, very little of this Salmon will be made available to the public (and not for about two years), the FDA approval yesterday sets a precedent -- that could lead the way, decades from now, to some very disturbing, not to mention toxic and deadly, animal foods reaching your dining room table. One reason to be concerned is that the FDA has also declared it is okay for the producers and sellers of this "GE Salmon" to put it on the market without indicating it is a genetically-altered fish. Of course, all kinds of consumer-oriented protection groups are up in arms over the new FDA ruling and beginning to launch lawsuits.

What is most remarkable from the astrology angle is the following: The planet Neptune just made a station, turning from retrograde to direct, on November 18, 2015 -- one day before this approval was announced. Neptune (alias Poseidon in Greek mythology) was the ancient God of the Seas to the Romans 2000 years ago, and Neptune still has a direct affiliation with the oceans and sea-creatures across the board. Neptune has been in the last "water sign" of the zodiac (Pisces) for the last few years and will remain in Pisces until 2025 - 2026.

It is also important to realize that when an outer planet like Neptune is stationary, it is extra-powerful in terms of earthly affairs and the station is actually happening over several days. Therefore, even though the "official" stopping of Neptune from the Earth's perspective occurred around 11:32AM EST this past Wednesday. Neptune really had no motion yesterday or today -- when I am writing this article.

We also know in Mundane Astrology that the Moon has a lot to do with the public and mass consciousness. When the FDA approved the genetically-engineered Salmon yesterday, the Moon had just entered Pisces -- the sign of the entwined or double-fish -- with the Moon approaching Neptune for their monthly conjunction (which also happened yesterday). Furthermore, in the chart included at the end of this feature, placing the Sun in late Scorpio on the Ascendant, the Moon and Neptune (as well as Chiron, the Lunar South Node and Vesta) appear in the fourth house below, a place in a Mundane Astrology type chart that refers to home, family, the roots and foundations of life, as well as the source of life (i.e. the oceans).

In the course of my 43 years of studying and practicing astrology, I have often found that stations of celestial bodies as well as the transiting Moon are in profound synchronicity with significant national and international events. This is a prime example that resonates with the ancient aphorism attributed to Hermes Trismegistus of Egypt: As Above, So Below...What is True in the Macrocosm is reflected in Truth in the Microcosm.

Relative to the USA birth chart from July 4, 1776 and its Progressed Moon right now at 27 degrees of Scorpio, the Sun and Mercury in the sky just merged this week in late-Scorpio, and both of these celestial bodies passed over the USA Progressed Moon -- illuminating its lunar, mass-consciousness oriented energy-field which is located in the twelfth or "archetypal Piscean" house (mysteries; secrets; the unknown; "self-undoing") of America's birth chart.

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