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A Spacecraft, New Horizons, Flies by Pluto: Updated!

Dateline Monday night July 13, 2015…and Updated on July 15, July 17, July 19 and July 29: "I am prepared to wait for my answer until Hell freezes over."(American UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson II, former presidential candidate and Governor of Illinois, in response to the Soviet Union's UN Ambassador Valerian Zorin concerning their nuclear missiles being placed 90 miles off the coast of Florida during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, 53 years ago in October 1962 [Note: In astrology, Pluto is totally associated with Hell, nuclear-atomic energy and bombs, fallout shelters, as well as secrets, lies, terror and extreme fears.]

Well, we now know that distant planet Pluto, named for the ancient God of the Underworld (Hell) and key astrological planet of extremes, is both very snowy & icy (on its surface) and perhaps internally hot in some unusual way because the latest pictures (July 15, 16 and 17, following the historic Pluto flyby of the New Horizons spacecraft) are revealing incredible vistas of ice-snow mountains and icy plains, as well as few impact craters -- with all of this astonishing the astronomer-scientists at the New Horizons mission center in Laurel, Maryland.

Original beginning of this feature on July 13, 2015: Humanity is about to experience a heightened wave of Plutonic events as the New Horizons spacecraft – launched on January 19, 2006 and traveling billions of miles over 9+ years – flies by the mysterious, secretive planet within 7,800 miles tomorrow morning Tuesday July 14 (closest approach at 7:49:57AM EDT, based on the science center tracking the spacecraft from Laurel, Maryland).

This is only the preliminary portion of a more extensive article that will be expanded over the coming days, weeks and months as Pluto-type phenomena appear on our beleaguered planet.

When the Voyager II spacecraft flew by Uranus in late-January 1986 – snapping the first close-up photographs of that revolutionary planet (first discovered on March 13, 1781) – a few days later the Space Shuttle Challenger shockingly exploded less than 2 minutes after launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Then three months later, the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in Ukraine experienced a disastrous meltdown, sending poisonous radioactivity into the atmosphere, far and wide. These were major Uranus-type of events.

When the same Voyager II spacecraft flew by Neptune 3+ years later in August 1989 – snapping the first close-up photographs of that visionary planet (first discovered on September 23, 1846) – in the weeks and months that followed the Berlin Wall began to fall and communist regimes in Eastern Europe dissolved under a liberalization wave, eventually leading to the reunification of Germany in 1990 and the end of the Soviet Union in 1991. [Just after Neptune was discovered in 1846, Socialist movements sprung up in Europe and the Communist Manifesto was written by Marx and Engels.]

Pluto was discovered by “Comet” Clyde Tombaugh in Flagstaff, Arizona via examining photographic plates of the so-called mysterious “Planet X” on February 18, 1930 and the discovery was announced to the world on March 13, 1930 – the anniversary of the discovery of Uranus. Synchronistic with the discovery of Pluto was the Stock Market Crash of October 1929 – leading to the Great Depression of the 1930s. In addition, the “underworlds” of violent crime, dictatorial regimes (rise of Stalin, Mussolini, Mao and Hitler) as well as the search for atomic-nuclear power were all connected to finding distant Pluto, named after the ancient Roman god of the underworld and representing all kinds of extremes, terrors, and horrors being let loose within humanity.

During the past few months, we have all seen extremist-underworld type events happening in many areas of life around the globe – the killing rampages of ISIS (with the accompanying widespread fear and violent response by Western nations), the struggles regarding Greece either staying in or being cast out of the European Union, gigantic losses recently, in the trillions of dollars, in the Chinese stock markets, the battle over nuclear energy in terrorist-oriented Iran (with an apparent deal done the morning of the Pluto flyby!), Ukraine and Russia still battling over land and ethnic allegiances, alarming increases of homicides in American cities (strongly connected to racial violence and police brutality), the horrific murders of 9 black individuals in a South Carolina church – by a lone-wolf white killer – leading to the eventual removal of the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina capital, the Supreme Court major rulings in support of Gay Marriage and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the large-scale financial scandals imploding at FIFA (the main world soccer organization), weekly reports of hacking and stealing of vital information on tens of millions of people within the government and at banks and large corporations, the appearance of Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and now Plutocrat Donald Trump (with their multi-millions of $$$ for fundraising toward the “buying of the presidency in 2016”).

And in amazing Plutonic fashion, Americans watched for about three weeks in June as two murderers escaped from a supposed maximum-security prison in New York State – leaving through underground tunnels and with the help of one or more compliant prison employees. Then, less than two days ago, the imprisoned “Drug Lord” in Mexico, Joaquin Guzman Loera “El Chapo,” escaped through tunnels as well, presumably with help from bribed prison guards, and from a supposed maximum-security prison near Mexico City. He is currently on the run and is Numero Uno on our FBI Most Wanted List as his drug cartel supplies hundreds of American cities, as well as thousands of towns and cities of Central and South America, with lethal-deadly heroin, cocaine and Meth (and, in some cases, virulent forms of marijuana). Both of these prison escapes are a giant symbol of the nefarious, underworld power of Pluto at work in human society.

Just as the close-up pictures of Uranus and Neptune triggered earthly events associated with the intrinsic meanings of those two planets, we are very likely to see a wide variety of extremist-type events as the close-up photos of Pluto, its main companion moon Charon, and 4 other moons (Styx, Nix, Hydra, and Kerberos) are circulated through our global multi-media.

At the end of this article are the charts for the discovery of Pluto on February 18, 1930, the launch of New Horizons on January 19, 2006, and the exact time tomorrow (July 14) when the spacecraft flies by Pluto at its closest approach. Much more will be shared in this article during the summer.

P.S. It is important to note that the 7 Uranus-Pluto squares from Aries to Capricorn, which started in June 2012, just ended in March 2015. These volatile 90-degree aspects – a mirror reflection of the stormy squares between the same planets during 1932 – 1934 (which symbolized much of the carnage of the Great Depression worldwide) – are connected to the extreme-revolutionary shocks that have been jolting humanity in recent years. Plus, Pluto transiting in Capricorn is still forming highly caustic squares to the USA Saturn in Libra and oppositions to the USA Sun in Cancer as Pluto eventually nears its first ever return to its natal placement for America approximately 7 to 8 years from now. While Pluto has several positive and inspiring archetypes (if its energy is utilized for higher purposes), the main tendency is for Pluto to express its more negative, malevolent nature in human affairs due to its immense distance from Earth and the shadow side of its mythological essence through the millennia that influences humanity’s Collective Unconscious.

July 15 Update: The newest photo of Pluto, now determined to be larger in diameter than Eris, sent by the New Horizons spacecraft to Earth today is to the left. Also -- here are key themes related to the ancient Lord of the Underworld -- death-rebirth, regeneration and purification, metamorphosis, the underworld, extremes, mysteries and secrets, mega-wealth and Plutocracy (government by the wealthy), plumbing the depths, research and investigations, spiritual willpower and mental concentration, psychology and hypnosis, deep-seated fears and repressed feelings, abandonment and loneliness, phobias, atomic and nuclear energy, tyrants and terrorism. Astronomers at the New Horizons mission center are reporting that Pluto has a band of mountains (around 11,000 feet high or similar to the Rockies), but surprisingly made out of water-ice and only about 100 million years old (young in terms of the age of the solar system) -- meaning that Pluto may still be active internally with some kind of heat source. Plus, large moon Charon has chasms several times deeper than the Grand Canyon. Also – what’s called Jade Helm 15, along seven states, by approximately 1,200 U.S. troops, mainly Special Operations forces, has begun their two-month military training exercises, but doing so under a cloud of suspicion by conspiracy advocates. More to come... July 17 Update: In the last two days, a naturalized American citizen, 24 years old (born in Kuwait and holding Jordanian citizenship) used an AK-47 and other guns to kill 4 Marines and wound three other people in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This new act of domestic terrorism is almost definitely connected to the West's battle against Islamic radicalism as this individual, also now dead, apparently had been living back in the Middle East for a good portion of the last two years where some kind of deep-seated transformation occurred in his life. In addition, President Obama became the first chief executive of the USA to ever visit a federal prison. And the latest Pluto photos are stunning -- showing vast plains covered with ice-snow*, suggesting that Pluto is geologically active -- something shocking to almost all solar systemic researchers. *It is noteworthy that when Pluto was discovered in February 1930, it was located in the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer, and now transiting Pluto is in earthy Capricorn, forming its first ever opposition to its discovery point -- and oppositions are akin to Full Moons, where a powerful illumination is happening. Clearly, this Pluto flyby is creating much enlightenment about the former mysteries of this Pluto-Charon family of celestial bodies. More to come...

July 19 Update: Over this weekend, Plutocrat-Billionaire Donald Trump declared at a Conservative Iowa Political-Religious rally that Senator John McCain -- who had been tortured and held captive as a Navy pilot by the North Vietnamese for over 5 years -- was not a war hero, This led to a cascading series of denunciations by other presidential candidates and a fire-storm in the media. Meanwhile, a horrific series of real fires on California Interstate 15 wreaked havoc on cars, drivers and passengers, trucks and homes in Southern California while pictures of black, billowing smoke were captured by the Breaking News "extremists" at CNN. The U.S. and Cuba are going to open respective embassies tomorrow 52+ years after The Cuban Missile nearly led to nuclear war engulfing Planet Earth. The "Communist-Dictatorial" regime of the Castro Brothers (Raul now in charge of Cuba for the last few years after Fidel's reign for over 4 decades) maintains its power on that beleaguered island where America still runs the infamous Guantanamo Bay detention camp or military prison (116 detainees still there as of June). And from the world of sports, young 21-year-old phenom Jordan Spieth of Texas -- following dramatic professional golf wins at the Masters and U.S. Open during the past 4 months -- is only 1 stroke behind the leaders at the British Open in St. Andrews, Scotland with one round to play. He is born with a Moon-Pluto conjunction in the Pluto-associated sign of Scorpio. More to come... July 29 Update: Pictures from the New Horizon continue to astound -- revealing the flow of methane, nitrogen and carbon monoxide ices on Pluto's surface, reinforcing the realization that this planet 3 billion miles away from Earth and the Sun has relatively "youthful" geological activity on its surface. Over the last week or so, since the previous update, a 59-year-old white drifter, with a past of violent and outrageous behavior, shot and killed two women and injured around 8 others at a movie theater in Lafayette, LA. He killed himself at the theater as the police quickly arrived. At least two massive suicide bombings near Baghdad -- just before and after the Pluto flyby -- killed dozens of people and injured dozens more. The New Moon that occurred one day after the Pluto flyby revealed the highly explosive and discordant sky configuration of Mars rising and Pluto setting in that locality.

ATT and Direct TV were granted a merger by the FTC -- where they will form the largest Cable & Satellite TV conglomerate, starting with about 26.4 million households. Convicted American Spy (for Israel) Jonathan Pollard, already in jail for the last 30 years, will be paroled this fall. President Obama, whose father was from Kenya, became the first U.S. president to ever visit that country as well as Ethiopia last weekend. He was greeted with widespread acclaim and jubilation while in Kenya where several of his relatives reside. One of China's many stock exchanges in Shanghai plummeted about 8% just two days ago. A University of Cincinnati police officer has been indicted in the murder of a 43-year-old black man whom he shot in the head on July 19 after stopping the man because he didn't have a front-end license plate on his car. A possible piece of wreckage from Maylasian Flight 370 that disappeared in March 2014 may have been found during the last few days on the island of Reunion in the South Indian Ocean. The nuclear deal -- between the main world powers and Iran -- is being discussed now in Congress with "extreme" accusations and animosity being displayed across the board, especially now with former Senator and present Secretary of State John Kerry representing the Obama Administration's hard work in obtaining a long-term commitment to prevent Iran from making nuclear bombs. Billionaire Donald Trump continues to confound the media watchers as he maintains a wide lead over the likes of Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and the many other candidates for the Republican presidential nomination as they gear up for the first crucial debate on FOX TV on August 6. A beloved.

Lion, Cecil, age 13, living at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, was brutally slaughtered (between July 6 and 8) by an American dentist (Walter Palmer) from Minnesota -- creating outrage around the world. A 15-year-old boy (Adrian Gonzalez) in Santa Cruz,California was arrested today for allegedly kidnapping, raping, and murdering an 8-year-old girl (Maddy Middleton) he knew at his apartment complex. Apparently, he will be tried for murder and kidnapping as an adult. All of the stories listed in this update and the previous ones have Plutonic components as Pluto has always been the celestial body related to the underworld, extremes, atomic and nuclear energy-power-bombs, mysteries and secrets, spies and lies, murder and kidnapping.

©2015 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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