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Chart for Trump-Kim Summit

Dateline Tuesday June 12, 2018: President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un have just begun their summit in Singapore with a symbolic handshake in front of six American flags and six North Korean flags.

Their initial 45-minute summit meeting will only include two translators. Therefore, whatever actually will be discussed won't have an official record -- unless some kind of recording devices are also in the room.

Two versions of the chart for this historic meeting are presented below and more will be forthcoming about any agreements and future interactions between the two men and various governmental figures.

In the meantime, be aware that this is the dark-of-the-moon cycle of the month with a New Moon about to occur on Wednesday June 13 at 23 degrees of Gemini (in rapport with President Trump's solar return at age 72).

Since any true de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula -- if at all possible -- is many years away from verification, the best that the world can hope for is a beginning of some kind of peaceful overtures between the two Koreas, and between North Korea and the USA.

Check out the Moon conjunct far-away Sedna in late Taurus -- where the famous constellation of the Pleiades is also located. (The connection to the mythology and significance of Sedna was explored in my article about transiting Eris on Donald Trump's natal Sedna in the Inauguration chart for President Trump on January 20, 2017.

Not only is underworld-chieftain, secret-keeper and extremist Pluto setting, but the whole Heliocentric Orbit of Pluto is Rising and Setting. (More about this in a future update.)

The asteroid Juno -- which has much to do with empowerment or dis-empowerment in primary partnerships, the search for peace and harmony, as well as terrorism by the weak and disenfranchised -- is conjunct the Midheaven (and in a union with the distant, dwarf-planet Eris, often associated with strife and discord), with Juno having just united with America's Chiron (wounded-healer archetype) and opposed America's Juno.

Messenger of the Gods Mercury in late Gemini is at the degree of the void Moon from September 11, 2001 when New York City and the Pentagon were attacked while Pallas at 13 degrees of Cancer is about to unite with America's Sun placement in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Venus in Cancer will be near the Rising Degree while the two leaders talk about peace and friendship, but Venus is also directly opposite the notoriously mysterious U.S. Pluto at 28 degrees of Capricorn.

Mars -- the traditional planet of war, bloodshed and volatility (as well as leadership courage, personal will, passions and desires) -- is located in the universal air sign of Aquarius and on the verge of uniting with the transiting Mean South Node of the Moon (a signal that this encounter of powerful, ego-driven heads of state could go toward volatility or some kind of collective Asian-American agreement in the months and years ahead).

The transiting Nodes of the Moon -- harbingers of fate-destiny -- are on the verge of making a return to their placements in America's birth chart over the next few weeks. This only occurs every 18.5 years.

A grand triangle in water signs is developing in the sky as Pallas in Cancer approaches trines of 120-degrees with Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Pallas is the last celestial body to have crossed over the Rising Degree of the summit and this asteroid has a lot to do with problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Neptune, Chiron, and Uranus elevated -- along with the smallest of the four main asteroids, Juno, and Eris (located far beyond Pluto) -- equate with the unusual, confusing, shocking and hard-to-decipher collective consciousness forces over-lighting this rare event, with the hope of a peaceful outcome or the fear of renewed hostilities dangling like a Sword of Damocles over the proceedings.

This feature will be updated as events develop in the near future.

Copyright 2018 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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