ABCs of the USA Immigration Crisis

Dateline: Wednesday night, June 20, 2018. Shown at the end of this feature is the June 13, 2018 New Moon chart focused as a map on the mainland USA and revealing Saturn* at the IC or at the fourth house cusp at 6+ degrees Capricorn going through the Texas-Mexico border. *Saturn is associated with executive authority, rules, laws, responsibility, determination and hard work, but when negative can connect with fears, restrictions, frustrations, delays, chronic problems, abuse of authority and karmic retribution.

(By the way, Adolf Hitler’s natal Moon was 6+ degrees of Capricorn opposite the undiscovered Chiron at 6+ degrees of Cancer. Therefore, transiting Saturn in 2018 is going back and forth on Hitler’s Moon location from his birth chart on April 20, 1889. Due to the recent rise of authoritarian world leaders – which I associate with transiting Pluto now in Capricorn and on its own Heliocentric South Node, opposing its discovery placement in Cancer back in 1930 on its own Heliocentric North Node – governmental actions often appear to be and are extremely heavy-handed, inhumane, and immoral.)

On June 13, Venus (29+ Cancer) was directly above and powerful in Washington, D.C., but making an exact 150-degree aspect with the asteroid Vesta (29+ Sagittarius). The 150-degree alignment often requires a serious adjustment to be made to rectify a major problem.

On June 13, transiting Mars in Aquarius was making a rare conjunction with the transiting Mean South Node of the Moon. Mars is associated with courage, leadership, athletics, passions, desires, personal will, but when negative can equate with a rise in anger, arguments, volatility, inflammatory rhetoric and situations, military movements as well as potential bloodshed and warfare.

The New Moon chart of June 13 has become a cosmic catalyst awakening the country to the crisis of the people migrating into the USA from the south – many thousands seeking asylum from gang violence, political and economic upheaval in Mexico and Central America and their children have been taken from them upon their crossing the border into the U.S. Much of America, the mainstream news media, and people from around the world began reacting with horror to what is going on here, but for nearly a solid week the Trump Administration remained intransigent in its actions and beliefs – even hearing AG Jeff Sessions and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders resorting to using biblical quotations to emphasize the need for absolute law at all cost, even if it means the harm of innocent children caught up in the new “Zero Tolerance” U.S. governmental policy.

Exactly one week later, today June 20, 2018, at the crisis-oriented First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase, the solar and lunar orbs square at 29+ Gemini and 29+ Virgo – igniting, by exact opposition and square, the Vesta placement at 29+ Sagittarius from the June 13 New Moon chart.

Vesta rules home and hearth, safety and security, insurance-investment themes, plus sisterhood ties, secret organizations (like the CIA, NSA, ICE, DHS, etc), the Eternal Flame (associated with ancient temple magic) and, especially when very negative and misused by men in positions of power, has a connection to Nazi-like destructive actions, “Fire and Fury” type aggression, Torch-light marches (recent example in Charlottesville, VA last year and during World War II in Nuremburg), and “book burnings” symbolizing elimination of Truth, Facts, Reality, etc.

And today – to counter the transiting Mars-South Node of the Moon conjunction from June 13 – we have Venus conjunct the transiting North Node of the Moon (7 degrees and 52 m