ABCs Of The Partial Solar Eclipse, NATO & Helsinki Meetings

“I now become Death, the destroyer of worlds…” a line from the Bhagavad Gita, the thought of J. Robert Oppenheimer, a leader of the secret Manhattan Project, after witnessing the first atomic explosion (“Trinity”) in the New Mexico desert at 5:29:21 am MWT on July 16, 1945, with the plutonium-type bomb detonated upon a Tower following a lightning-thunder storm. [73 years ago today, July 16, 2018. The Lightning-struck Tower, of the Major Trumps of the Tarot, is card #16 and is associated with the red planet Mars.]

The shocking German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact – leading to the start of World War II ten days later – is secretly signed in Moscow by Foreign Ministers von Ribbentrop of Germany and Molotov of the Soviet Union on August 23, 1939 exactly on the day of a Mars station and shift from retrograde to direct at 23+ degrees of Capricorn – exactly on the Heliocentric South Node of Saturn and precisely opposite where the Sun is today at 23+ degrees of Cancer at the Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit.

Dateline: Monday July 16, 2018 This article is being written following the disastrous / catastrophic* private, one-on-one meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and their follow-up, so-called press conference. To even attempt to articulate the full range of my current feelings of disbelief – after approximately 61 years of tuning into national and world events (I remember the Soviet Union’s shocking launch of Sputnik on October 4, 1957 when I was 7 years old) – is not possible right now. Instead, I will let the many charts at the end of this feature tell the story of the recent Partial Solar Eclipse/Cancer New Moon (July 12), the two days of NATO meetings in Brussels (July 11 - 12), the president’s disjointed visit to England (July 13 – 14), and the finale – the Trump-Putin love-fest in Finland.

*The words disaster and catastrophe both mean “to go against the stars.”

The Partial Solar Eclipse/Cancer New Moon on July 12 occurred with the Sun and Moon directly opposite Pluto – with the solar, lunar and plutonic orbs exactly lining up with this extreme energy-field of the Heliocentric Nodes or Orbit of Pluto (20+ degrees of Cancer and Capricorn). This start to a new 29+ day solar-lunar monthly cycle set the stage for the shock waves precipitated by President Trump on his visits to NATO, England, even one of his golf courses in Scotland, and concluding with the bizarre events of July 16 in Helsinki. [Pluto, when negative, is associated with tyranny and autocrats, secrets and mysteries, underworld themes, corruption, extremes, nuclear and atomic weapons and energy, and plutocracy or government by the wealthy.] This Eclipse/New Moon chart is presented in three forms – for Washington, DC, Brussels, Belgium (where the NATO meetings were held), and Helsinki, Finland.

The NATO chart is also presented (notice Mars for NATO elevated in the ninth house at 21+ Cancer – receiving the full discordant force of the Partial Solar Eclipse opposition to Pluto) as well as the horoscope for the time that the two presidents of America and Russia began their secret meeting (only attended by two translators, and no staff).

I have decided to post America’s chart for July 4, 1776 but relocated to Helsinki in order to show that the USA natal Venus and Jupiter placements are down below (thus “buried or hidden” in the depths of consciousness) while directly above at the Midheaven or tenth house cusp is transiting Saturn at 5 degrees of Capricorn – representing the control of information by the two presidents and the double, troubling polarity by transiting Saturn now to both benefic orbs, Venus and Jupiter, at the time of America’s Declaration of Independence 242 years ago. [Note: My dear astrology colleague Wayne Moody, who has been doing professional work in the field of astro-locality research for decades, showed me in the last few days the importance of the USA relocated chart for Helsinki, Finland, along with the precisely-timed emphasis now on transiting Saturn above in that chart. Thank you very much Wayne for sharing your astute observations with me and the world.]