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A Bad Day For Potus 45 (Aug. 21, 2018)

Dateline: Thursday August 23, 2018 This feature contains a bunch of charts so you can make sense of what the events in two courts, in NYC and Alexandria, VA, on August 21, 2018 may mean for the future regarding President Trump’s possible/alleged criminal behavior in regard to the surprise guilty plea by former lawyer and “fixer” for the president, Michael Cohen, and the 8 guilty verdicts for Paul Manafort, the president’s campaign manager for several months in 2016.

The charts include horoscope wheels for the late-afternoon of Tuesday August 21, President Trump, his Inauguration (January 20, 2017), the USA (July 4, 1776), Presidential Power (Oath of George Washington from April 30, 1789), and the Mars-Saturn Conjunction at 9 degrees of Capricorn on April 2, 2018. [Important: Sun-rise type charts are presented for Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, but at this time I am not focusing attention on their horoscopes, transits or progressions or how their charts interlock with that of the president. However, they are both experiencing very rare and exact alignments from transiting celestial bodies, and their horoscopes are definitely tied into the various charts presented in this feature.]

Oddly or synchronistically, the Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort events struck the media virtually simultaneously nearing 5pm EDT on August 21 with the profound and provocative quartet of Saturn, the Moon, Pluto and Mars rising in Manhattan and Alexandria, VA — and, significantly, with the Moon at 9 degrees of Capricorn, exactly energizing the last Mars-Saturn union from April 2, 2018.

Note: To truly understand major happenings for any individual, it is a mistake to simply look at a natal chart and transits of celestial bodies in the sky. That kind of comparison can give some answers, but often the professional astrologer needs to examine key progressions and a variety of other charts — including eclipses, New and Full Moons, and major celestial alignments. Also, Mars-Saturn conjunctions occur around every two years and have the potential to erupt with an enormous expression of “negativity,” as relates to the traditional themes of those two frequently, malevolently-behaving cosmic bodies.

Here are many of the astrological facts that cannot be disputed because they are mathematical in nature — while I will leave the full interpretation of those facts to your discretion.

The main reason August 21, 2018 was a potentially bad, difficult or challenging day for President Trump: The transiting Moon energized by conjunction the 1 degree out of 360 degrees of the zodiac where Mars and Saturn converged on April 2, 2018. And because that transit at 9 degrees of Capricorn is directly opposite President Trump’s natal Mercury at 9 degrees of Cancer, the double court proceedings struck the president very personally, particularly influencing his thought process.

Secondarily, several other celestial placements actively influenced the president’s birth chart. Notably, Vesta (connecting to safety and security themes as well as secret organizations like the FBI, NSA, CIA), which made a direct station at 23 degrees of Sagittarius at the start of August, was still very close to the president’s natal Moon and opposite his Sun. Furthermore, the transiting Venus was at 14+ degrees of Libra (the president’s natal Juno-Chiron conjunction and the USA Saturn position from 1776) and the transiting Sun was activating the president’s natal Mercury/Jupiter and Saturn/Neptune midpoints — the last one being on his natal Ascendant at 29+ degrees of Leo (the zodiacal place of the ancient royal star Regulus, the first-magnitude, heart-star of constellational Leo).

It is important to bring the recently stationed Mercury into this picture as the Messenger of the Gods planet halted in the heavens at 11 degrees and 32 minutes of Leo on Saturday August 18. Why might this degree be meaningful? Mercury, ruler of the president’s Sun-sign Gemini, certainly relates to words, language, discussions, and the release of vital information, and the surprise guilty plea by Michael Cohen and the jury’s 8 guilty verdicts regarding Paul Manafort all came about through extensive conversations, intellectual arguments and review of mammoth amounts of paperwork, recordings and testimony.

This 11+ degree of leo placement of Mercury’s station, which will also stay dynamic for many months (and which is also the North Heliocentric Node of Neptune), is very close to the president’s natal Pluto (10+ Leo), his Mars/Saturn midpoint (10+ Leo) and his Venus/Mars midpoint (11+ Leo). Notice that the president’s natal Mars/Saturn midpoint — which can be quite difficult to handle on many levels — is only 1/4 of 1 degree away from the president’s natal Pluto (planet ruling the Underworld; secrets and mysteries; the unknown and invisible; extremes; the Plutocracy or very wealthy; will, purpose and power on a vast scale).This is another reason why the current Mars-Saturn conjunction in the sky from earlier this year (opposing the president’s Mercury) is acting in such a troubling way in his daily activities.

In the USA chart from July 4, 1776, Mercury retrograde is located at 25 degrees of Cancer while in the chart for Presidential Power from April 30, 1789, Mercury is at 25 degrees of Aries — exactly square to the Mercury USA position from 13 years earlier. Therefore, severe conflicts in communications across the board can occur between the higher destiny of the nation itself (July 4, 1776) and how presidents utilize their executive power (April 30, 1789).

In the president’s chart, he is loaded with planetary intensity between 23 and 25 degrees of Cancer where he has a potent but not easy-to-handle Venus-Saturn conjunction as well as his potentially volatile Mercury/Pluto and Sun/Mars midpoints. By the way, as the court proceeding results sent shock waves through the national media, the Sun and Mars in the sky formed an off-kilter and always potentially difficult, adjustment-requiring, 150-degree link known as an inconjunct aspect. Then later on that day the Sun and Uranus (a revolutionary and radical-change agent that often causes breakthroughs or breakdowns) formed a parallel in the sky, and the president was born at a fairly close Sun-Uranus conjunction in Gemini.

Unless you have made a vigorous study of solar, lunar and planetary midpoints, you might not realize how extraordinary the exact astro-mathematical line-ups mentioned in the paragraphs above are regarding this factual reality in the life of the 45th president of the United States.

Having researched this field now for over four decades, I want to emphasize two rather astonishing results from my looking into this matter. First, the president has his natal Saturn/Uranus midpoint at 5 degrees and 51 minutes of Cancer exactly (no orb) square to his natal, stationary Neptune at 5 degrees and 51 minutes of Libra. Remember that earlier in this article I wrote that the president’s natal Saturn/Neptune midpoint is on his Ascendant or Rising Degree. Toss in the reality that the USA Jupiter (ruling planet of America’s birth chart with Sagittarius Rising) is located at 5 degrees and 56 minutes of Cancer (just 5 minutes of arc from the president’s natal Saturn/Uranus midpoint), many astrologers will recognize the deep involvement of our national Jupiter qualities with the president’s Saturn, Uranus and Neptune vibrations (and the president’s Jupiter is stationary). Because it is very difficult for any individual to control the essence and archetypes associated with outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), the president’s inclination to offer “alternate facts or truths” to what many believe are actual facts and truths may be related to the precise Saturn/Uranus midpoint square to his Neptune and his Saturn/Neptune midpoint exactly rising.

On the same day of the court results, Rep. Duncan Hunter (Republican and the second congressman to give his support to Donald Trump during his presidential candidacy) and his wife were indicted for massive misuse of campaign funds and bank fraud. And just a couple of weeks earlier, Rep. Chris Collins (Republican from upstate NY) — the first congressman to give his support to Donald Trump’s run for the presidency — was arrested on insider trading charges. Thus, the president’s seemingly devastating day on August 21 this week (by the way, exactly one year to the day from last year’s so-called Great American Total Solar Eclipse that happened very close to the president’s natal Mars) is more of a devastating month as well as year when we add in the Mars-Saturn union opposite his Mercury — in which the Mars-Saturn force stays active until their next union on March 31, 2020.

Finally at this time, everyone who has a birth chart created for themselves should know what are called their ongoing Secondary Progressions (a major type of progression system)— which are not transits in the sky, but the slow-moving unfoldment of celestial bodies over decades based on the movements of celestial bodies in the days, weeks and months after one’s birth during the year of birth. And for President Trump, he is now in the dark-of-the-moon or ending phase of a Sun-Moon Progressed cycle that began 28+ years ago and which will end in mid-September 2019.

While the president has the capacity for a major Secondary Progressed rebirth in mid-September 2019, the time-period between now and then may very well be filled with his crucial need to complete old business and old lessons (think “old karma” here) as best as possible before he enters the new 29.5-year Secondary Progressed New Moon cycle that will follow.

Closing Notes: In looking around at the eight charts included in this feature, factor in the following to round out your understanding – transiting Uranus during the first week of this month made a nearly-precise station on Venus at 2+ Taurus in the chart for Presidential Power (a chart very much connected to the president’s birth chart); when Mars united with Saturn on April 2, 2018, they were exactly setting (thereby extra powerful) in Washington, D.C.; in addition the transiting Moon at 9+ Scorpio had exactly returned to its placement from the Presidential Inauguration of January 20, 2017; and on April 2, 2018, the fateful nodes of the Moon were located at 12 Leo and Aquarius, where Mercury just stationed on August 18. The only retrograde celestial body at the president’s inauguration was Vesta, located at 27+ Cancer at the bottom of that chart – and exactly opposing the USA Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. When Mars and Saturn met earlier this year, surprise-bringer and shock-maestro Uranus was located at 27+ Aries -- exactly square to the Inauguration Vesta placement. There are many more of these astro-psychic connections, and the more you investigate, the more you will find that are important.

Copyright 2018 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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