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Welcome to Mark Lerner's Astro-Flash!

Astro-Flash! Dateline: September 29, 2018 at 1:00PM PST: The initial concept to do an Astro-Flash section on this new Great Bear Enterprises website came to me with a sudden and shocking realization about Tiger Woods’ rare and almost impossibly profound Mars and Mercury Secondary Progressed placements as he won his first golf tournament in over 5 years on Sunday September 23. Fully expecting to see major fortuitous transits (the daily movement of celestial bodies in the heavens) showing up

affecting his birth chart (December 30, 1975; 10:50pm: Long Beach, California), I set up a tri-wheel horoscope formation in my main astrology software program and thought I was seeing an error. In the area showing his progressions – based on the traditional and well-accepted principle in our field of research where solar, lunar and planetary placements “each day after birth are equal to a year of life” – it appeared that progressed Mars now for Tiger Woods in Sept. 2018 was exactly where it was in December 1975 when he was born, with the same being true for his progressed Mercury now. The only way to trouble-shoot this seemingly possible error in the software was for me to take out my trusty “bible of astrology” – the ephemeris book where you can look up celestial bodies for every day of every year.

What I saw was the following: Tiger Woods was born with a retrograding Mars in Gemini, but 21 days after his birth, the red planet made a station to turn direct. Now, with him about to turn 43 this winter, his progressed Mars had made a remarkable “return” to its natal placement within 2 minutes of arc (that is 1/30 of 1 degree of the zodiac). Realizing that Mars is the main ruler of athletics, in particular individual achievement in sports, and that Mars is the most elevated planet in Tiger Woods’ birth chart, I found that truly rare Progressed Mars Return astounding. However, why was Mercury in his progressed chart also now on top of its natal position?

Tiger Woods was born at a time when Mercury in Capricorn was moving forward, but 15 days after his birth Mercury in Aquarius made a station to turn retrograde. His progressed Mercury movement in reverse continued for 20 years – with Mercury retreating into Capricorn, only to, like his progressed Mars, make a stunning return to the exact degree where it was when he was born at this time in 2018. Mercury has rulership over many things in life – including communication, transportation, business and trade, as well as health and medicine. Over many years, Tiger Woods had numerous surgeries, particularly on his spine, and he was said often to be in terrible pain – and he and the bulk of the golfing world began to presume he might never play again, let alone start winning tournaments.

The moral of this astrological mini-story is that progressed chart placements (and there are different types of progressed techniques, too) can be incredibly significant. Therefore, please visit our Astrology Shop at the top of our home page to see the Sky Log and Life Progression sample Astrology Reports, and determine whether you might want to order one or both of these to discover much more about the power of progressions in your current or future cycles.

Then three days later on September 26, as I prepared to watch the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh appearing before that group of senators the following day, I looked up their birth dates and saw the following. Brett Kavanaugh was experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime exact conjunction of transiting Pluto (stationary in the sky as well and therefore even more potent in its influence) on his natal Juno in Capricorn. This pretty much says it all from the universal-macrocosm perspective – if you understand the intrinsic meanings of Pluto and Juno. However, in addition, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (born November 28, 1966, according to a professional astrologer’s website) has her natal Mars in late Virgo exactly united with Judge Kavanaugh’s Mars. As in the realm of physics, very often “likes repel,” and sometimes violently, rather than attract – especially when dealing with the themes of the Red Planet.

The moral of this astrological mini-story is that sometimes one very significant transit or astro-connection from one birth chart to another offers an enormous amount of understanding. Therefore, take a look at our Astro-Business Keys section to read more about the fundamental themes associated with Juno and Pluto, and consider whether our two compatibility type reports (Friends and Lovers and/or Simpaticos) might be reports to order if you want greater insights about a key partnership influencing your life.

We all have intuitive flashes throughout our lives – calling them premonitions, omens, warnings, the remembrance of a precognitive dream, a vision of the future, a “still, small voice,” déjà vu experiences, promptings, and the like. Several of these types of profound and lightning-like revelations – from age 14 to 22 – changed the entire direction of my life’s destiny and led me into the fields of metaphysics and astrology rather than medicine (like my father, uncle and cousins). This also inspired me to create a dream notebook – daily – for over 5 years and that kind of discipline opened my mind and heart to a vast realm of higher truths and realities that I am still trying to assimilate four decades later.

What this Astro-Flash part of the Great Bear Enterprises website will offer you is periodic, quick observations about people and events that hold cosmic seed-thoughts – hopefully encouraging you to explore your own research into astrology and its often oracular, even magical essence. The more you make intuition prominent as a dynamic guidance system in your daily experience, the greater will be your capacity to climb the steep and often difficult path to fulfilling your Higher Destiny in this lifetime.

Copyright 2018 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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