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Earth In The Balance: A Review

Note from Publisher Mark Lerner: In the fall of 1992—now 26 years ago, and when Senator Al Gore was nearing his forthcoming ascendancy to becoming the USA Vice President for the next 8 years—Nancy de la Vierra wrote this short and yet inspirational review and cover story for our astrological magazine (Welcome to Planet Earth) of Senator Gore's pioneering book on climate change entitled Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit. Over the decades, many people have laughed about VP Gore's incredible insights regarding the Internet and the Environment, but as Nancy tuned into so accurately a little more than a quarter century ago, he deserves to be recognized for his clarion "wake-up calls" to the present and future generations of our species — in particular those dedicated individuals, groups and nations striving to protect and safeguard this beleaguered planet in the solar system.

October 7, 2018: An urgent report by the UN’s Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change released late last night – Sunday October 7, 2018 with the Moon in airy Libra – “warns that the world might be on a path toward catastrophic climate change if greenhouse emissions aren’t cut dramatically by 2030.” This firmly suggests the need to reconsider the trailblazing work by former VP and Senator Al Gore – including the Academy Award-winning documentary film An Inconvenient Truth, starring and written by Al Gore and which was released to the public back on May 24, 2006 with the Sun and Mercury in air-sign Gemini, and Ceres (the largest asteroid and often considered the Earth Mother celestial body) and a stationary Neptune in the globally-energizing air sign of Aquarius.

Many Blessings,

Mark Lerner

Earth In The Balance: A Review

by Nancy de la Vierra

Libra, ruled by the planet Venus, begins the second half of the zodiac and suggests the need to weigh issues and personal ambitions relative to socially-accepted standards. In Mundane Astrology, Libra is associated with human rights, international law and justice, allies or open enemies, the search for planetary peace and solutions to the environmental crisis. The striving for balance, equilibrium, equality and fair treatment under the law are all part of the higher Libran world view.

With this in mind, it isn't surprising that Sen. Albert Gore, with prominent Venus (Nature), Ceres (Earth Mother) and North Node (Destiny) all in Taurus (first Earth sign), would be the one to deal effectively and honestly with the politically volatile issue of the looming environmental crisis. His leadership abilities (Sun-sign Aries) have already been tested and many environmental pundits consider him a true trailblazer. At the 1992 Earth Summit, Sen. Gore was a chief spokesman for the U.S. Senate delegation. His book, Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit, has remained on the best-seller lists and may be the most comprehensive and graphic analysis of the world's environmental condition. Not only does it put into layman's terms many mind-boggling concepts, but it offers the most progressive and courageous plan for solutions ever written—and this from a politician!

Earth in the Balance tackles some of the toughest international issues, including the fragile relationship between the industrial countries and those struggling to develop. He, without hyperbole, stresses those problems that demand attention immediately and exposes our own Government's complacency and its collusion with the worst offenders. In an impassioned and erudite manner, Sen. Gore details some of the most fascinating and extreme historical environmental conclusions in his chapter, Climate and Civilization: A Short History. In spite of the gloominess of the subject matter, Sen. Gore balances the scenario with a positive and uplifting attitude, dramatically stressing his faith in humanity to cohesively find solutions.

V. Pres. Quayle has criticized his opponent's book and made statements to the press so erroneous that one can only conclude that either he has not read the book or that his powers of comprehension are as limited as his spelling abilities. Quayle feels that the environment and all non-human species may be decimated, spoiled or altogether exterminated for the sake of industrial production and growth. He has stealthily worked to sabotage and trash the environment through his direction of the White House Council on Competitiveness. Sen. Gore, on the other hand, stresses the need for a world-wide coalition, a partnership of an unprecedented design that will benefit all. He has been referred to by his colleagues as an "environmental Paul Revere." The Senator was studying the Earth's dilemma long before many were even remotely aware of it. His ideas are ground-breaking, but if we are to stem the tide of global destruction, it is his thoughtful and eloquent approach to the matter that we must employ and embrace.

This fall the United Nations will be tackling a new round of disputes regarding the United States and its European allies against developing countries. Underway is the creation of a new body—the Sustainable Development Commission—which will be charged with insuring that nations comply with the pledges they made in Rio. The world is at a crossroads, a true pivotal point, environmentally and politically. And the American electorate, on November 3, has a golden opportunity to harmonize with the positive direction the U.N. and many enlightened nations are moving in regarding environmental issues by supporting Al Gore and any local initiatives on this topic.

(Pictured above, Al Gore's Astrology Birth Chart.)

© 1992 and 2018 by Nancy de la Vierra. All rights reserved.

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