Astro-Insights about the Midterm Elections 2018 – Part 1 UPDATED

Dateline: Sunday November 4, 2018 They are being hyped as the most significant midterm elections in U.S. history and by the end of Tuesday night we will hopefully know the results. “Hopefully” is the operative word here considering the issues of hacking by foreign agents that transpired in 2016.

The focus now is much more on the House of Representatives and whether the contests there will lead the Democrats back into power in the legislative branch of our national government. However, if several races for governor also reveal gains by the Democrats, then these midterm results will make the 2020 presidential battle one of the fiercest ever.

This feature will be followed by a sequel once the post-election horizon is cleared from any new voting anomalies — as controversy is already deeply brewing in Georgia (several questionable voter irregularities with a strong racist element present), North Dakota (recent moves to disenfranchise Native American voters), Florida (destruction of polling places where Hurricane Michael struck last month) and due to potential new hacking by foreign intermediaries regarding the actual penetration into how the votes will be tabulated.

What I am presenting at this time are astro-facts you can consider as the votes are recorded this Tuesday evening. Note: In this era of real news versus “fake news,” it is reassuring to realize that astrological alignments and cycles are essentially applied mathematics. Since we reside in a universe where 2 + 2 still = 4, the information in the following list of celestial events is true and valid.

As Tuesday November 6 begins, the Moon and Venus make their monthly union in Libra at 3:20am. (All times listed are calculated as EST.) This begins a void-of-course lunar cycle that lasts until Scorpio Moon starts at 8:03am. Be aware that there is also the monthly Moon conjunction with Ceres in Libra at 3:45am, and during the previous evening at 8:51pm, Venus retrograde and Ceres unite at 28 degrees of Libra.

Tuesday is noteworthy because it is also the time when the dark-of-the-moon monthly cycle is at its peak. In the field of astrology related to solar-lunar phases, this time-period is also known as the Balsamic Phase and it happens just prior to a new moon — the one that is about to occur being the New Moon at 16 degrees of Scorpio (11:03am on Wednesday November 7). Every monthly dark-of-the-moon time-span represents an ending of the previous solar-lunar rendezvous – and therefore a conclusion of earthly events before a new beginning can take place.

Adding some extra uncertainty to Election Day is Uranus retrograding back into 30 degrees of Aries (2:01pm) and the asteroids Ceres in Libra and Juno in Taurus making an oblique, 150-degree aspect at 7:50pm. These important sky configurations have an even greater significance because of additional alignments they will catalyze the following day — when Americans and people around the world tune into the myriad of vote tallies.

The four charts provided in this feature are an attempt to give you the changing astro-zodiacal snapshot of the heavens on Tuesday into early Wednesday as we go from the moment the Moon unites with Venus on Tuesday (3:20am) to the approximate time on Tuesday night (9pm) when the major TV news channels usually try to wrap up the key national election results and to 12:37am on Wednesday — the moment of the Lunar Return at 10 degrees of Scorpio for when the presidential inauguration of January 20, 2017 occurred starting the administration of Donald Trump.