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Astro-Insights about the Midterm Elections 2018 – Part 1 UPDATED

Dateline: Sunday November 4, 2018 They are being hyped as the most significant midterm elections in U.S. history and by the end of Tuesday night we will hopefully know the results. “Hopefully” is the operative word here considering the issues of hacking by foreign agents that transpired in 2016.

The focus now is much more on the House of Representatives and whether the contests there will lead the Democrats back into power in the legislative branch of our national government. However, if several races for governor also reveal gains by the Democrats, then these midterm results will make the 2020 presidential battle one of the fiercest ever.

This feature will be followed by a sequel once the post-election horizon is cleared from any new voting anomalies — as controversy is already deeply brewing in Georgia (several questionable voter irregularities with a strong racist element present), North Dakota (recent moves to disenfranchise Native American voters), Florida (destruction of polling places where Hurricane Michael struck last month) and due to potential new hacking by foreign intermediaries regarding the actual penetration into how the votes will be tabulated.

What I am presenting at this time are astro-facts you can consider as the votes are recorded this Tuesday evening. Note: In this era of real news versus “fake news,” it is reassuring to realize that astrological alignments and cycles are essentially applied mathematics. Since we reside in a universe where 2 + 2 still = 4, the information in the following list of celestial events is true and valid.

As Tuesday November 6 begins, the Moon and Venus make their monthly union in Libra at 3:20am. (All times listed are calculated as EST.) This begins a void-of-course lunar cycle that lasts until Scorpio Moon starts at 8:03am. Be aware that there is also the monthly Moon conjunction with Ceres in Libra at 3:45am, and during the previous evening at 8:51pm, Venus retrograde and Ceres unite at 28 degrees of Libra.

Tuesday is noteworthy because it is also the time when the dark-of-the-moon monthly cycle is at its peak. In the field of astrology related to solar-lunar phases, this time-period is also known as the Balsamic Phase and it happens just prior to a new moon — the one that is about to occur being the New Moon at 16 degrees of Scorpio (11:03am on Wednesday November 7). Every monthly dark-of-the-moon time-span represents an ending of the previous solar-lunar rendezvous – and therefore a conclusion of earthly events before a new beginning can take place.

Adding some extra uncertainty to Election Day is Uranus retrograding back into 30 degrees of Aries (2:01pm) and the asteroids Ceres in Libra and Juno in Taurus making an oblique, 150-degree aspect at 7:50pm. These important sky configurations have an even greater significance because of additional alignments they will catalyze the following day — when Americans and people around the world tune into the myriad of vote tallies.

The four charts provided in this feature are an attempt to give you the changing astro-zodiacal snapshot of the heavens on Tuesday into early Wednesday as we go from the moment the Moon unites with Venus on Tuesday (3:20am) to the approximate time on Tuesday night (9pm) when the major TV news channels usually try to wrap up the key national election results and to 12:37am on Wednesday — the moment of the Lunar Return at 10 degrees of Scorpio for when the presidential inauguration of January 20, 2017 occurred starting the administration of Donald Trump.

The New Moon chart of Wednesday morning November 7 is provided to give you a sense of where the nation is headed during the next four weeks. And it is deeply consequential in some unknown way that Vesta unites with Pluto at 20 degrees of Capricorn (2:33pm) while Jupiter in the last degree of Scorpio forms an off-kilter, 150-degree tie to Uranus retrograde at 30 degrees of Aries (1:21am on Thursday). (Jupiter enters its home fire sign of Sagittarius at 7:40am Thursday November 8 in a 13-month cycle that continues until December 2, 2019.)

Furthermore, check out the following sequence of the three most recent lunar transits of Scorpio. In September with the Moon in Scorpio and virtually conjunct Jupiter in the sky, Hurricane Florence struck North Carolina (when the asteroid Juno and the far-away planet Sedna made a precise union in late-Taurus). In October with the Moon back in Scorpio — where Venus and Jupiter were located — Hurricane Michael struck the Florida Panhandle as a devastating class #4 storm (and with Juno at the beginning of Gemini stationary and about to go retrograde). And now with Election Day about to occur, weather forecasters are showing images of the U.S. Southeast and parts of the Northeast under extreme storm conditions that could include tornadoes — while Juno and Sedna are back in a tight cycle conjunction-mode.

I bring this to your attention as the great astrologer Eleanor Bach referred to Juno (in its negative expression) as a goddess of storms — whether physical and atmospheric or psychological-emotional that could certainly include a very split electorate in America. Plus, Sedna in Inuit mythology is the goddess ruling the ocean and sea creatures as well as the violence-turbulence that can arise from our watery depths.

As the media keeps reporting — regardless of whether it is coming from left, right or middle-of-the-road political perspectives — women appear to be motivated to an enormous degree and since they are more of the voting public than men, their looming presence during this Midterm Turning Point is greatly anticipated.

You will see this well-represented by feminine celestial bodies in three of the charts provided with Moon conjunctions with Venus and Ceres in Libra (also closely square to the USA Pluto from July 4, 1776), the Juno-Sedna union in late-Taurus, and the 150-degree interaction between Ceres and Juno on Election Day that morphs into a 150-degree anomalous contact between Ceres and Chiron (10:14pm) on Wednesday. There is a lunar parallel to Venus (9:17pm) on Wednesday that emphasizes women voters having a deep impact on the voting results.

Please keep in mind that in the field of Mundane or World Astrology, the Moon rules over mass consciousness and the public while the current Venus retrograde cycle – that began on October 5 and won’t end until November 16 (on the day of a Mercury reversal for three weeks) – provides a tentative indicator that women are acting in counterpoint to the always-forward-moving Sun and Moon.

The apparent retrograde motion of celestial bodies – except for the Sun and Moon (which might be viewed as the major heavenly authoritarian influences on the Earth and Humanity’s evolution) – happens periodically and should never be considered inherently negative or “bad” as it is a solar systemic phenomenon and not something that goes against the natural order of life in our neighborhood within the galaxy. And it is noteworthy that Venus – relative to its usual direct motion in the zodiac – spends the least amount of time retrograde (approximately 6 weeks in reverse every 19 months) than any other celestial body. Therefore, Venus retrograde needs to be looked at much more carefully for its impact on all of our lives than, for example, Mercury retrograde (which always occurs three times a year).

Some will view this election as a kind of reckoning or Judgment Day for the Trump-Pence brand of national governance. Keep in mind that the new representatives to the U.S. House won’t take their seats until early January and that leaves nearly two months for the president to make a bunch of changes (firings and hirings, executive decisions and orders) that will definitely shake up the previous political status-quo in unforeseen ways.

While there is a lot of astrological information presented above, I have left out highly influential transits and progressions associated with the charts for President Trump, VP Pence, their inauguration chart, the USA chart, as well as solar, lunar and planetary astro-locality lines of energy affecting the nation at this upcoming New Moon. Some of these valuable alignments will be reported on in Part II.

Keep tuned to this online channel in the days and weeks ahead.

Closing Note: For more about Venus, Ceres, Juno and other celestial bodies, please see our Astro-Business Keys section of the website. And take a look at the last and the forthcoming Global Hot Spots maps for the Full Moon of Scorpio on October 24 and the Scorpio New Moon on November 7 as there are highly significant solar, lunar and planetary lines of energy affecting the East and West Coast.

Updated November 7, 2018: Postscript Tuesday evening November 6 and written with an editorial perspective: With the Democratic Party regaining control of the House of Representatives and the strong showing of women winning an historic number of congressional seats, it is clear that the exceptionally powerful presence of feminine celestial bodies on November 6 has transformed the electoral landscape in America.

While President Trump can claim several Republican wins in the Senate and feel that his campaign rallies over the last month made that difference, the reality is that the national trend right now reveals an emphasis on the importance of the diversity of American society rather than perpetuating the myth that white nationalism and the 1% upper-elite plutocracy should control all of our lives.

Losses by Democrats Stacey Abrams in Georgia, Andrew Gillum in Florida and Beto O’Rourke in Texas may initially appear negative to their party leaders; however, the vote totals for these candidates were substantial and this offers incentives to other politically-minded individuals to consider running in future elections in states often run by the Republican Party in the past two decades.

For the first time in our nation’s evolution, two Muslim and two Native American individuals — both women — will enter the halls of Congress.

Remaining uncertain are the actions the Trump-Pence executive branch leadership will take between now and when the next Congress is seated on January 3; plus, whether the president will choose to make deals with the Democrats in the House — on Immigration Reform, Infrastructure and Health Care — as he thrives on how many “wins” he can rack up.

Extra Note on the Firing of AG Jeff Sessions on Wednesday November 7: Last night represented the idealism, ecstasy and foundation of compassion (can’t we all get along?) moment especially for the West Coast in particular with Neptune at the 4th house cusp or IC astro-locality line placement of today’s Scorpio New Moon. Now with the pre-planned firing of Sessions only a few hours after the New Moon, the president has immediately made the whole election about HIM…and added a Neptunian Disappointment exclamation point to what so many citizens live, breathe and experience out here on the West or so-called Left Coast.

Here is what I wrote toward the end of my Midterm Election article that I composed Sunday night (Nov. 4) and which appeared Monday night (Nov. 5) on this website:

“Some will view this election as a kind of reckoning or Judgment Day for the Trump-Pence brand of national governance. Keep in mind that the new representatives to the U.S. House won’t take their seats until early January and that leaves nearly two months for the president to make a bunch of changes (firings and hirings, executive decisions and orders) that will definitely shake up the previous political status-quo in unforeseen ways.”

It appears we are rapidly-moving toward a Constitutional Crisis more intense than the one the nation experienced during the Watergate Crisis of 4+ decades ago as well as added chaos among the three branches of our federal government. What seemed last night as a fairly good and reasonable equilibrium of the legislative branch (each political party in charge of one half of the two houses of Congress) in order to place some checks and balances against an overly-authoritarian executive branch may now have degenerated into an all-out battle for supremacy within our tri-partite designed federal system of governing.

Copyright 2018 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. all rights reserved.

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