Today, January 3, 2018, Nancy Lee Vierra, my beloved partner of 28+ years, left her earthly body of great pain and suffering to enter the heavenly realms and its grand adventures. She is a guiding Soul-Spirit of Love, Beauty, Kindness, Knowledge and Wisdom who I and so many other people on Planet Earth are privileged to know. I Love You Nance and Always Will…Mark.

"To die, to sleep – to sleep, perchance to dream."(Hamlet)

Story Collection

As part of a future literary memoir, we are presenting a series of articles Nancy wrote in the 1990s about the Earth, Nature, the Environment, and other important topics.

These features are even more meaningful now than they were back over 25 years ago because our nation has failed to progress and evolve in so many ways. Several additional stories will be posted in the near future.

"All We Know Of Heaven"

By Nancy De La Vierra

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"Stone Thrush" By Nancy De La Vierra

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