Uranus in Aries Returns in California’s Birth Chart as Massive Fires Create Multiple Catastrophes

Dateline: Saturday November 17, 2018 This story on the California Fires is offered particularly for students and professionals in the field of astrology as it pertains to an area of our field that is not always focused upon with enough attention — the charts of States of the Union.

Like the birth of an individual, the start of a job or the beginning of a marriage, the moment a state enters the greater union known as the United States of America, a birth chart comes into being. And the best book on this subject is Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere by Marc Penfield (originally published in 1984 by ACS Publications at that time in San Diego, CA).

The main reason for this feature is that the planet Uranus — which has an approximate 84-year cycle through the zodiac — is in the process of returning for the second time (the first time-period occurred during 1933-1935) since California entered the Union on September 9, 1850 — with a rectified time by Marc Penfield of 9:41am PST and based in San Jose, CA. Note: Following the inauguration of President George Washington on April 30, 1789, states enter the union via the president signing an official national governmental declaration and then using the capital of that state, at the time, as the place.

Before the publication of Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere, birth charts of states were known via other books and astro-sources, but they were never compiled into one fantastic volume including a large amount of fascinating and important research.

On a deeper level, the shock-waves produced by the current epoch of Uranus returning to its natal placement in the chart for California is due to it being in fiery Aries at the last degree of the sign — and profoundly and unfortunately in a conjunction with underworld-ruling planet Pluto.

Therefore, a significant explanation for why California is so beset with gargantuan problems — especially linking the unconventional, anarchical, and revolutionary themes of Uranus with the mysterious, secretive and extremely provocative themes of Pluto — is because this region joined the USA during a rare convergence between these two always-perplexing outer planets.

Plus, over the centuries — since Pluto has anomalous short and long transits in various signs (i.e. Pluto going through Scorpio in about 11 years and taking nearly 30 years to go through Taurus) — the frequency of Uranus-Pluto conjunctions shifts from around 110-114 years to 140-145 years. Thus, before California became a state, the previous Uranus-Pluto rendezvous happened at 29 degrees of Leo on September 7, 1710. The next time Uranus and Pluto merged in the zodiac after California became a state occurred three times on October 9, 1965, April 4, 1966, and June 30, 1966 (energizing 17 - 18 degrees of Virgo).