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New Year’s Charts Around The World

I have been writing about and presenting various New Year’s charts for several decades now – in our pioneering astrological newspaper-magazine Welcome to Planet Earth (1981 – 2000) and in the subsequent three websites we have created since 1995.

I first came across the concept in one of Dane Rudhyar’s books. He was my main mentor when I began my astrological studies in 1972 and he indicated that as billions of individuals around the world ask “What will the new year bring?” at local midnight in each locality, the cosmos is fundamentally providing a horoscope answer.

However, what is most fascinating with this type of chart is that almost everywhere around the globe, Libra Rises and the Sun in Capricorn is below.

Libra Rising can represent: Peace on Earth.

Sun in Capricorn can represent: Goodwill to Humanity and the Realms of Nature.

Therefore, these are archetypal and universal themes at every New Year’s local midnight moment.

In this short Astro-Flash, I am offering New Year’s Charts for Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Moscow. (See slideshow below)

You will see slight differences of the Moon’s placement in Scorpio (look at the second house area of each horoscope) as well as very slight changes in the degrees and minutes of arc of the celestial bodies.

Notable for all of us is that the Sun is on the verge of making its annual union with Saturn – in Saturn’s home sign of earthy Capricorn. Furthermore, in most locales, the red planet Mars has just entered fiery Aries in the sixth house (although in the Moscow New Year’s chart Mars is still at the tail end of Pisces). This is also true in cities and towns further east from Moscow (for example, Beijing, Tokyo, and Manila).

The emphasis of often volatile, forceful and egocentric Mars shifting from watery Pisces to fiery Aries while the Sun conjuncts usually conservative, down-to-earth and pragmatic Saturn creates a strange, conflicting energy-field that human souls will need to deal with creatively and intuitively throughout the next 12 months.

The most positive perspective for this New Year’s is probably the Moon’s approach to its monthly unions with first Ceres and then Venus – indicating that the psychic and emotional depths of these two major feminine goddess planets can guide you to potent realizations and higher awakenings across the board.

As you welcome 2019 and make various resolutions, meditate on the higher truth that the cosmos is potentially backing you up successfully or offering some testing and challenges to what you are aiming to accomplish during the year ahead.

Of course, your own birth chart, transits and progressions are another giant part of what will lead you to future achievements or set you back temporarily.

With all Good Wishes to Everyone for a Happy and Inspirational New Year 2019!

Stay tuned to this online channel for many Astro-Flashes, Global Hot Spot Features, Podcasts, and much more in the year ahead…

Copyright 2018 & 2019 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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