The Real National Emergency on the Horizon: The January 21, 2019 Total Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipses are “rare” in the sense that – if they do occur in a calendar year, and sometimes they don’t – there will only be one or two happening during that 12-month time-period.

At the end of this Astro-Flash, you will see one chart – for the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse of January 21, 2019 with the Sun at 1 degree of Aquarius and the Moon at 1 degree of Leo, calculated for Washington, DC.

For the last few weeks on social media and via announcements by astronomically-oriented websites, this spectacular event has been designated as a Blood Full Moon (due to the reddish coloring of the lunar orb being eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow) and a Wolf Full Moon (linked to the lunar orb’s large appearance as the Moon is at its monthly perigee, closest distance to the Earth).

Nevertheless, due to the great infrequency of the occurrence of a Total Lunar Eclipse right at the beginning of Aquarius and that President Trump was born on the day of a Total Lunar Eclipse (and within approximately 4 hours of that event on June 14, 1946), the fact that our country could be on the verge of a “National Emergency” concerning immigration at our southern border brings this January 21 solar-lunar opposition across the zodiac into dynamic focus in all of our lives.

Keep in mind as I share a few themes for all of us to be aware of in the next 11 days and until the next New Moon occurs on February 4, 2019 at 16 degrees of Aquarius (launching the annual Chinese New Year) that for centuries Total Lunar Eclipses (plus any lunar eclipse or full moon) were often considered by shamans, astronomers-astrologers and magi as potentially ominous events. Why?

Because these types of heavenly events are often extreme in their effects, and the natural realm (the tides, atmosphere, animals as well as some human beings) often responds in “unnatural ways.” Hence, the eventual idea developed among some societies that people could be turned into werewolves, shape-shifting creatures, and experience “lunacy” or aberrant psychological behavior when the Moon appeared “full” of light or “partially” or “totally” eclipsed of its light.

This is important to remember in our modern era when millions of spiritually-inclined earthlings meditate – in group or individual ways – to bring through enlightenment and spread goodwill around the world. But the greater truth is that the divine voltage at solar-lunar polarities – particularly a Total Lunar Eclipse – can prove to be too intense for people, communities, States of the Union, a country and our home planet to handle without crises ensuing.

Having articulated the above for your consideration, here is a brief list of what alignments are happening at this Total Lunar Eclipse: