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USA-North Korea Summit II

Dateline: February 25, 2019, Eugene, OR…While our state digs out from a fairly rare, major snowstorm, including power failures and avalanches, I am providing you with President Trump’s Relocation Chart for Hanoi, Vietnam as the Trump-Kim Jong-Un second personal meeting is about to get underway this week.

Notice the largest asteroid Ceres (Mother Nature; Productivity; Parent-Child Relationships; Farming, Food, Nutrition, Diet, Labor) in the sign of Aquarius (the New Age; Right Human Relations; International Communications) right on the president’s Ascendant. Might this be at least one hopeful signal that while outside the continental USA, our current leader might be stirred to do something in a nurturing-calming manner in a land that has suffered so much pain and grief from warfare during the three decades starting in the 1950s?

Adding to the potential importance of this renewal of friendship between these two leaders (where one could be the father or even grandfather of the other by age), transiting Jupiter – which was stationary and extra powerful at the president’s birth in Libra – is now on Donald Trump’s natal Moon in Sagittarius, the key sign of long-distance travel, higher education, and goal-orientation. Anticipate some kind of optimistic, benevolent-sounding summit message (whether warranted, true or not) – in keeping with the intrinsic, positive side of the jovial King of the Gods, the “Huge Planet” of our solar system.

Perhaps more ominously, the Part of Fortune – a deeply-meaningful synthesis of Sun, Moon and Ascendant in any chart – is exactly conjunct underworld-ruling Pluto almost setting, but located in the sixth house of organization, order, health or illness in the president’s relocation chart for Hanoi.

Extra Notes: Kim Jong-un’s birth either took place on January 8, 1983 or 1984, and that discrepancy has not yet been cleared up. If born in 1983, the Capricorn Sun North Korean leader has a Scorpio Moon and if born in 1984, he has a Pisces Moon. In both charts, Mercury is retrograde, Saturn is in Scorpio, and Uranus – a main planet associated with Atomic-Nuclear weapons and radiation – is in Sagittarius on the “Nuclear Axis” (from 7 to 11 degrees of Sagittarius) that I have written about over the last 37 years.

Plus, since Michael Cohen is scheduled to meet with three Congressional committees this week (with one public on Wednesday February 27 while the president is meeting with his counterpart in Hanoi), please see my Earth Aquarius News feature from August 21, 2018 that contained 8 charts including the sunrise horoscope for Michael Cohen, as well as the USA birth chart for July 4, 1776, the sunrise horoscope for Paul Manafort, and the 2017 Inauguration chart for President Trump and VP Mike Pence.

Update February 26, 2019: Connect the dots between the president’s relocation birth chart for Hanoi with Ceres Rising with the following information. Today, with Donald Trump’s arrival in Vietnam, the Sun is making its annual conjunction with the USA Ceres placement from July 4, 1776 at 8+ Pisces. Ceres is the only stationary celestial body in the U.S. chart and Ceres now in the sky is at 9+ Sagittarius – right in the Nuclear Axis. Think George Lucas here (born May 14, 1944) with his Sun in Taurus right on the Ceres Discovery degree (23+ Taurus) and the destruction of Alderaan in the first Star Wars movie and Donald Trump and Rocket Man* attempting to avert a future Nuclear War in Hanoi…It doesn’t get more “theatrically Ceres” than what is happening now…Last night I saw a brief trailer for a film about the life of Elton John coming out soon. The film is entitled Rocket Man…

Keep tuned to this online channel for more Astro Flash features in the future.

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