The Mueller Report’s “Rush to Judgment”

The Mueller Report’s “Rush to Judgment” by Mark Lerner

Dateline: Tuesday March 26 & Wednesday March 27, 2019.

The Mueller Report was completed and sent to the Department of Justice close to 4pm EDT on Friday March 22. Within the next hour, hundreds of reporters and journalists, nationally and internationally, were competing with one another to announce the breaking news of what would happen next with the report — now that the new U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Deputy U.S. AG Rod Rosenstein would be going over the report for many hours on the following day.

What much of the public didn’t remember from the selection on May 17, 2017 – eight days after the firing of FBI Director James Comey – of former Marine and FBI Director Robert Mueller (born Aug. 7, 1944) to be the Special Counsel investigating possible Russian governmental interference in the 2016 presidential election was that any report he would provide to the Justice Department was not intended to be flung open to a future public overly eager to read about everything Mueller had uncovered. The eagerness of the public to become a kind of voyeuristic American grand jury supporting or disagreeing with Mueller’s findings only developed over nearly two years due to the large number of individuals indicted and convicted by Mueller — with many of these people associated with the Trump presidential campaign.

Therefore, since a 4-page summary of the undoubtedly lengthy Mueller Report was given to congressional leaders on Sunday March 24 by U.S. AG William Barr (immediately intensifying views from left, center and right politically-minded citizens), the key questions during this “Rush to Judgment” time-period are — What is actually stated in the report and will Congress follow through in its oversight and constitutional roles to look further into what Mueller’s team uncovered? And when will the report — if ever — become available to the public and with what highly-classified information redacted?

Across the board, the multi-media created a frenzied psychic atmosphere in the public-mass consciousness about possible collusion/conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and impeachment or removal of a president depending on what the Special Counsel and his team of investigators would discover. However, this investigation was never intended to be a “gotcha” on President Trump; its focus was on another nation’s “governmental” meddling into our complex manner of electing a president based on both state-wide popular vote totals that are then transformed into the crucial electoral votes required to become America’s chief executive for the next four years.

People should not really be surprised that Robert Mueller followed the rules laid out for him as Special Counsel. After all, we are talking about a former and decorated Marine awarded the Bronze Star with Valor and the Purple Heart Medal during the Vietnam War – who knows how to follow a chain of command and who follows orders. Being Special Counsel in this investigation was completely different than being a Special Prosecutor as were Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski (related to the Watergate scandal) and Independent Counsel as was Kenneth Starr (related to the Clinton- Whitewater and later Clinton-Lewinsky scandals). Therefore, Robert Mueller was much more constrained in his work – even though several dozen indictments and convictions did develop during his investigations.

However, since the current U.S. Justice Department’s policy is that a sitting president cannot be indicted, it makes sense that a person like Robert Mueller would not subpoena the president to testify before a grand jury if the president insisted he did not want to do so. It’s not as though Robert Mueller didn’t want the president to be interviewed; he did, but the president’s attorneys told him not to do it, insisting it would be a potential “perjury trap.” The bottom line is that without either an interview with the president or sending out a subpoena for the president to testify before a grand jury (which would have been contested for many months and eventually gone to the Supreme Court for a decision), Robert Mueller never had sufficient information to declare President Trump conspired with the Russian Government or obstructed justice – beyond a reasonable doubt.

Because impeachment became a big theme — either promoted by people anxious to see it happen or disparaged by many who believe the president is doing a good or excellent job — many media sources started to link the Mueller investigation into Russian governmental interference in the 2016 presidential election with the near impeachment of President Nixon in 1974 (due to the Watergate scandal) and the impeachment of President Clinton in 1998 (due to his lying about an affair with Monica Lewinsky). While there are clear connections between the current executive branch of government’s lies and alleged cover-ups and those that occurred during the Nixon and Clinton presidencies, there is a much larger synchronicity going on right now linking the Mueller investigation with the JFK presidency and his assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963 and the creation of the Warren Commission seven days later.

Pallas-Athena, the Moon, and Mercury Retrograde

As you will eventually assimilate in reading through this story, the asteroid Pallas (discovered by Heinrich William Olbers on the evening of March 28, 1802 in Germany) is associated with the daughter archetype, knowledge and wisdom, justice and law, courts, judges and attorneys, problem-solving, strategic thinking, city planning, defense and immune systems, DNA and genetics, weaving and seeing patterns (i.e. chess masters, designers, technicians, inventors and engineers).

When Robert Mueller sent his completed report to the Department of Justice it was born into society and therefore has an astrological chart. Just like the birth of the USA on July 4, 1776, on Friday March 22 the Moon was conjunct Pallas in an air sign (Libra) during a void-of-course lunar cycle and with Mercury retrograde in a water sign (Pisces). In fact, the Moon-Pallas union for the completion of the Mueller Report is in the same house (the 3rd house ruling communication and education) as the Moon-Pallas union in Aquarius at the birth of America, and the twin Moon-Pallas rendezvous zodiacal placements are in a nearly exact and harmonious trine aspect of 120-degrees.

In a couple of later paragraphs, I will present what I perceive to be overwhelming evidence of why the archetypes associated with Pallas-Athena are the ones we all need to focus attention on this year as a constitutional crisis waits in the wings to hit our nation like a cosmic tidal wave.

The True Russia Connection and the Links to JFK, the first President Bush, and President Trump

You may not be aware that only three individuals have become president born when the Sun was in Gemini. The first was John F. Kennedy, the second was George Herbert Walker Bush, and the third is Donald J. Trump. In each of their presidencies, the USA relationship with the Soviet Union (now Russia since 1991) has dominated the international headlines — with the ratcheting up of fear through potential nuclear annihilation, the need to create improved communications, negotiations and intelligence gathering between our respective diplomats and governments, and the worries that other nations and leaders might be able to gain access – by purchase or stealth – to weapons of mass destruction.

In the short JFK administration, there was the cold-war rhetoric between JFK and Premier Khrushchev of the Soviet Union — leading to the creation of the Berlin Wall during the summer of 1961 (close in time to the birth of future President Barack Obama) and the nearly global nuclear disaster of the Cuban Missile Crisis (over Thirteen Days* in October 1962, *being the book title by Robert F. Kennedy, who was the U.S. Attorney General at the time).

While George H. W. Bush was first VP under President Reagan (1981 - 1989) and then president for one term (1989 - 1992), he was involved in numerous summits with several Soviet leaders (to limit the number of nuclear missiles) and eventually dealing with the possible spread of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear energy to Iraq and Iran (which then was handed off from 2001 - 2009 to his son President George W. Bush). Keep in mind that the first President Bush had been Director of the CIA — an organization still under the shadows of what happened at the time of JFK’s assassination and during the now over 55 years of conspiratorial questions as well as possible cover-ups associated with the CIA.

Under President Trump so far, the biggest international problems to be understood and hopefully solved are associated with the USA relations with Russia and North Korea (which is still deeply aligned, as a dictator-ruled Communist country, with Russia, whose own authoritarian leader Vladimir Putin was formerly a Soviet KGB agent in East Germany before eventually becoming Russian President following Boris Yeltsin leaving that position in 1999). Simultaneously, the theme of nuclear weapons and their reduction or proliferation and modernization is present in 2019, along with highly volatile dangers of warfare becoming magnified in the Middle East. (The USA Mars and Uranus placements are in Gemini, and therefore our three Solar Gemini Presidents – Kennedy, Bush I and Trump – all activate our nation’s challenging Martial and Uranian themes, definitely associated in their negative manifestation with volatility, rash acts and behavior, potential war scenarios, shocks and surprises, and atomic-nuclear radiation and weapons.)

Connecting the Dots between the Warren Commission and the Mueller Report

Despite the quick creation of the Warren Commission only seven days after JFK’s murder and the arrival of an 888-page report after less than 10 months on September 24, 1964 (and its public release just three days later), there began an extraordinary and still ongoing mystery about who killed the president, whether it was just Lee Harvey Oswald or a conspiracy, and what secretive national and international organizations or groups might have been involved.

The Warren Commission – with its 7-member group of older white men, including then Congressman but eventual U.S. President Gerald Ford, and led by Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren – was an attempt by President LBJ to supposedly determine if Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK and to put conspiracy theories to rest (hopefully to also help him win election over the Republican-Conservative candidate Senator Barry Goldwater in November 1964). However, because many eye-witnesses to the assassination in Dallas were never interviewed, it seemed to certain investigative reporters, attorneys and concerned citizens around the nation – in particular the journalist, attorney and civil-rights activist Mark Lane (born February 24, 1927) who wrote the bestselling Rush to Judgment in August 1966 – that a cover-up might be in the works to protect the CIA, the FBI, possible overseas governments or groups (associated with Russia and Cuba) that might have been seeking revenge against the Kennedy brothers for launching the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba that failed in April 1961 and then preparing other plots to oust Communist leader Fidel Castro of Cuba.

Even though the Warren Commission report became an instant bestseller in the fall of 1964, it should be remembered that the alleged assassin of President Kennedy was shot and murdered by Jack Ruby on live television almost exactly 48 hours after JFK was killed. To a large percentage of the American public who were glued to their TV sets, this appeared to be an attempt by a covert organization with nefarious motives – using Jack Ruby as a hit-man – to prevent Lee Harvey Oswald from potentially testifying in court and revealing possible connections he had with the CIA and/or Russian/Cuban sources. Jack Ruby died of cancer in prison several years later – insisting he wasn’t aligned with any group, but that he was overcome emotionally with the horrific death of President Kennedy and simply acted out of his deep sadness and anger.

The Mueller Report will definitely require all kinds of redactions, so even if it comes out to the public like the Warren Commission findings did, large numbers of people will wonder how much “fake news” is contained within the pages as well as possible conspiracies and what was never fully investigated or the lies that were told to conceal deeper and higher truths.

Continuing with the connection between the Mueller and Warren Commission reports, remember that it was then candidate Donald Trump during the primary campaign who accused Senator Ted Cruz’s father of having been an associate of Lee Harvey Oswald and then had his friend, David Pecker, the publisher of the National Enquirer, publish photos and stories on this subject. This created a furor with Senator Cruz at the time – with the two candidates assailing one another verbally for many weeks. It is David Pecker who was given immunity by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York for his testimony concerning Michael Cohen’s allegations against candidate and then President Donald Trump.

Important Note: President Trump issued an order on April 26, 2018 “keeping some of the most sensitive records from the Kennedy Assassination files sealed for another 3 ½ years, as the National Archives released a final batch under a law meant to force most of the records into the light by last fall.” This was reported by Todd Gilman in a story for The Dallas Morning News on April 27, 2018 with a title “Trump issues an order to keep some JFK files sealed until 2021.” You have to wonder that if our government still cannot tell the public the truth about what happened to JFK 58 years after the 1963 assassination, how many decades will