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The Sun conjunction with Mars is Extraordinarily Potent for the USA

Dateline: Monday September 2, 2019 The Sun-Mars conjunction that I wrote about last week and which was mentioned in a major way in my last Global Hot Spot feature concerning the Virgo New Moon of August 30, 2019 – currently available in that area of our website here at – is a lot more serious for the nation and, by extension, the world than I imagined. The reason?

It turns out that at the exact moment this morning the Sun-Mars union occurred at 10 degrees of Virgo – also the zodiacal degree of The White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which I described as well in the Global Hot Spot feature – that very potent conjunction was rising on the Eastern Horizon in our nation’s capital. The odds of this happening are very rare in the extreme and this conjunction will stay in effect until the next Sun-Mars rendezvous occurs in the heavens at 16 degrees of Libra on October 7, 2021. [The last Sun-Mars union happened at 5 degrees of Leo on July 26, 2017.]

The Sun uniting with Mars (when positive) can offer increased courage, vitality, passion, leadership, athleticism, and energy for a whole range of practical purposes, but because our current president is born with Mars almost exactly rising, that his recent Solar Return on June 14, 2019 occurred on the day of 5 martial sky configurations, and Hurricane Dorian is marching in a slow, dangerous and potentially catastrophic arc up the southeastern and then northeastern seaboard this week following a devastating hit on the Bahamas as a category 5 storm, it is also possible that the solar link-up with the red planet this morning will impact our country and humanity more in a negative manner (i.e. with increased volatility and inflammatory, brash and ill-conceived actions and behaviors, but hopefully stopping short of warfare of any kind).

I reiterate what I wrote in the Global Hot Spot story that as many of us as possible send healing vibrations to The White House as an entity itself, as well as its historical significance, to the Executive Branch of our government as it operates out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and to assist in a lessening of tensions, anger and provocative activities that have come out of that residence and office environment over the last couple of years.

Special Note about tonight’s Moon-Pallas Athena conjunction occurring as I write this AstroFlash: If you have not been listening to my Podcast series (19 of them so far) – including most of them about the USA Progressed Sun conjunct Progressed Pallas Athena exact this spring and summer for the first time in our nation’s history – then I advise you to start getting into those podcasts asap. There will be many more to come on a wide variety of subjects – including where the nation and Spaceship Earth are headed over the next few years. The podcasts are located on our website in the Mark Lerner Astrology Radio (AstroScope) section.

Stay tuned to this online channel for late-breaking astrological reports.

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