The Sun conjunction with Mars is Extraordinarily Potent for the USA

Dateline: Monday September 2, 2019 The Sun-Mars conjunction that I wrote about last week and which was mentioned in a major way in my last Global Hot Spot feature concerning the Virgo New Moon of August 30, 2019 – currently available in that area of our website here at – is a lot more serious for the nation and, by extension, the world than I imagined. The reason?

It turns out that at the exact moment this morning the Sun-Mars union occurred at 10 degrees of Virgo – also the zodiacal degree of The White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which I described as well in the Global Hot Spot feature – that very potent conjunction was rising on the Eastern Horizon in our nation’s capital. The odds of this happening are very rare in the extreme and this conjunction will stay in effect until the next Sun-Mars rendezvous occurs in the heavens at 16 degrees of Libra on October 7, 2021. [The last Sun-Mars union happened at 5 degrees of Leo on July 26, 2017.]