AstroFlash: California Wildfires October 2019

Dateline Wednesday October 30, 2019...While supremely courageous firefighters are attempting to control the worst outbreak of fires in California’s recent history, astrologers and astrological students can learn a lot from understanding several profound transits and secondary progressions deeply affecting the birth map from for the state’s entry into the union on September 9, 1850.

Many of the charts for states of the union have been rectified with care based on the approximate times that presidents have signed the legal documents making each area a part of the greater United States of America. The main person who conducted the research is professional astrologer and author Marc Penfield whose masterwork is Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere (ACS Publications Inc). The California rectification appears to be very accurate in my opinion based on watching many solar, lunar and planetary alignments over the years regarding his meticulous investigative work on this birth chart.

At this point, I want to give out a few brief pointers for you to conduct your own research that connects to the dreadful situation of fire damage now associated with extreme wind conditions, local weather anomalies as well as the greater disturbances on our fragile home planet connected to global climate change. Transiting Neptune in Pisces in 2019 has been in a three-pronged opposition to the California Virgo Sun at 17 degrees of Virgo — something that has never happened before and is extremely rare as Neptune opposite the Sun in any chart can only occur every 164 years.