AstroFlash: The Upcoming Potent Full Moon, Sun-Mercury Superior Conjunction and Uranus Station on Fr

As a courtesy to the thousands of readers, subscribers and friends who have supported our Daily Cosmic Kalendar during the last 38+ years – as well as our pioneering astrological journal Welcome to Planet Earth (in print 1981 – 2000) and our various websites, including the present – I am publishing the future entry in the Cosmic Kalendar for Friday January 10, 2020 along with Saturday, Sunday and Monday January 11 - 13, 2020.

Once you read through the descriptions on these 4 days, it will be obvious why it is important to spread the word – ahead of time – to astrological students and professionals about the growth opportunities and the hazards of these key dates in the first month of the New Year when so many provocative conjunctions of celestial orbs will happen along with a torrent of other profound heavenly alignments inundating Mother Earth.