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AstroFlash on Venus and Vesta & their 3 Conjunctions in 2020

AstroFlash Astrology News with Mark Lerner

Dateline Saturday April 11, 2020: Every 18+ months, Venus makes an approximately 6-week retrograde cycle and one of these cycles is going to occur very soon. Depending on what sign or signs Venus makes its station and reversal in can produce fascinating results. In 2020, take a look at this near-future snapshot of Venus activity in the zodiac. On April 3 Venus entered airy, multi-faceted and mutable-flexible Gemini. On April 14, Venus unites with the major asteroid Vesta at 10 degrees of Gemini. In most years, this would be the one and only Venus-Vesta convergence in the zodiac, but because of Venus spending six weeks in reverse in 2020 Venus and Vesta will experience a trio of unions.

Venus unites with the major asteroid Vesta

Venus begins slowing down in its direct motion in the first part of May until it stops on May 12 at 22 degrees of Gemini to go into reverse for six weeks. In the meantime, Vesta — usually moving much slower than Venus in its every-day motion — joins forces with Venus just 3 days later at the same placement — 22 degrees of Gemini. By June 24, Venus — slowing down now in retrograde motion — stops at 6 degrees of Gemini to resume its forward direction in the zodiac. On August 7, Venus enters watery Cancer and on September 6 Venus enters fiery Leo — finally catching up with Vesta for their third rendezvous of 2020 on September 22 at 18 degrees of Leo. Several of my podcasts in the Mark Lerner Astrology AstroScope section of our website and on our App discuss the importance of Vesta — beyond its usual themes of safety-security, home and hearth, investment planning, insurance coverage, sisterhood and fellowship bonds. In addition, you can tune into the basic archetypes of Venus and Vesta by visiting the complimentary Astro-Business Keys section of our website.

Note: Back in 1986 I self-published a book entitled Mysteries of Venus, printed 2000 copies and sold them in the next 3 years to subscribers and readers of my pioneering astrological newspaper-magazine Welcome to Planet Earth. Like all the celestial bodies, Venus is not only deeply meaningful in our personal lives — for example Venus is strongly associated with love and romance, primary partnerships, nature and gardening, friendships, the creative arts, social activities and financial affairs — but has an enormous power on spiritual levels along with its capacity to make you into an ambassador of goodwill around the world.

Venus unites with the major asteroid Vesta

Closing Notes: In our Astrology Shop, we have a report for sale about the Four Main Asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta) and Chiron in your birth chart. This report can provide you with many insights about the sign and house placements of these celestial bodies at your birth – along with their main alignments to other celestial bodies in your horoscope. Individuals who are born with the Sun, Moon and/or Rising Sign in Gemini are likely to feel the influences of Venus and Vesta in the third sign of the zodiac to a greater extent than other people. If you are a student of Mundane Astrology and are intrigued about the importance of the USA horoscope from July 4, 1776, be aware that Venus stations and goes into reverse on May 12 right on the USA natal Mars and then the Venus-Vesta conjunction on May 15 also happens on the USA natal Mars. This double-impact will definitely have a strong influence throughout our lives and the Cosmic Kalendar for the time-period between May 10 and May 26 reveals 5 celestial bodies making stations (Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Pallas and Juno).

Venus Retrograde 2020

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