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Astro Flash on Mars-Juno Polarity on September 13/14, 2020

Dateline Sunday September 13, 2020: When working with what we call Mundane Astrology — in our specialized field of research and investigations regarding major planetary alignments, New and Full Moons, Eclipses, the start of each season, horoscopes of world leaders, nations and unusual celestial cycles influencing all of Humanity and the entire Earth — it’s nearly impossible to check out every key cosmic-sky configuration or know which ones, in advance, could become incredibly significant.

So here is something that I am tuning into several hours before the planet Mars in Aries — which just halted its direct motion in the zodiac to go retrograde on Wednesday September 9 — is going to make a fairly infrequent polarity to the asteroid Juno in Libra. This will occur exactly at 10:24pm PDT tonight and 1:24am EDT tomorrow Monday September 14. Every astro-zodiacal aspect has the capacity to function on a weak, medium or strong level and be very helpful or not — with so much depending on where the aspect is rising, setting, above and below in the world, and where it is happening in the 12 signs of the zodiac, plus how close the pattern is to natal placements for people, cities, states, nations, world leaders and other event charts that are important.

I am bringing this to your attention as the elements involved in this opposition are fire and air. Of course all Americans know what is happening along the West Coast and if you factor in the astrological energies of fiery Aries and airy Libra and that Mars is in Aries and Juno is in Libra — and Mars rules Aries and Juno is considered by astrologers, who study asteroids in depth, at least a co-ruler of Libra with Venus — then the implications of this rare polarity are apparent.

Now at the same time this Mars-Juno polarity is taking hold, a tropical storm (Sally) is building up in strength in the Gulf of Mexico and predicted by weather forecasters to develop into a possible hurricane — with much potential for rain, devastating storm surges, massive flooding and the like stretching from the Alabama/Mississippi border to and including southern Louisiana.

The reason I mention this is (a) that area was just inundated by Hurricane Laura (and Hurricane Marco, less powerful, but still another storm at nearly the same time) and (b) Juno in mythology and, by extension in the astrology we utilize now, was a great goddess who had atmospheric powers that can become great assets or liabilities. Because Mars is the other planetary body in this heavenly interaction, and Mars is so connected to anything strong, passionate, dynamic, and intense, again the implications should be understood in its various potentialities. Important Note: For much more on Mars and Juno, please visit our website at to listen to various podcasts in the complimentary Mark Lerner Astrology Radio AstroScope section as well as the complimentary Astro-Business Keys area which has keynotes and themes for the main celestial bodies. Furthermore, this feature — along with a horoscope for the Mars-Juno polarity based in Washington, DC and a World Map of all major solar, lunar, planetary and asteroid rising, setting, above and below lines of energy associated with this opposition — is being simultaneously posted in our complimentary Earth Aquarius News department.

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