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Global Hot Spot: The Aquarius-Leo Full Moon on January 25, 2024

Updated: Jan 24

Dateline January 24, 2024: For those of you who are now enjoying the Astrology Cosmic Kalendar App one day at a time – but who have not yet subscribed to be able to look several weeks into the future – here is the calendar entry for a very significant date Thursday January 25 and the day after. Because every day – beyond the current 24 hours that we define as one rotation of our celestial orb on its axis – has astro-zodiacal magic, mystery and wonder is why thousands of people around the world have been tuning into the Astrological Cosmic Kalendar for the last 42 years and since it was at the heart-center of our Welcome to Planet Earth pioneering astrology newspaper/magazine during the 1980s and 1990s.

The Aquarius-Leo Full Moon – which arrives at 9:55am PST on Thursday January 25 – represents a super-charged energy-field that will dominate the psychic atmosphere of humanity and Mother Earth during the next 2 weeks until the Aquarius New Moon arrives on the scene on Friday February 9. All the traditional themes of the fifth and eleventh signs of the zodiac will be present and your job as an enlightened earthling is to take the best of these deeply-transformational archetypes and turn them into soul-uplifting vibrations that reshape the direction of our beloved home planet for the Highest Good.

In addition, inside this feature see the World Map of solar, lunar and planetary rising/setting above/below lines for this Full Moon as well as the horoscope calculated for Washington, D.C.

When looking at the horoscope calculated for Washington, D.C., you will notice that the two lights at 6 degrees of Aquarius & Leo are illuminating America’s Declaration of Independence horoscope North and South Lunar Nodes. Clearly, there is a focus on crucial decisions that our political leaders (and the Supreme Court) are embroiled with in our nation’s capital since the Lunar Nodes (aka the Dragon’s Head & Dragon’s Tail) have always been associated with fate-destiny, karma-dharma vibrations.

The big celestial news at this monthly solar-lunar crescendo is that Uranus at 19+ degrees of Taurus is virtually motionless and then makes its official halt in the heavens to go direct on Friday January 26 & Saturday January 27. Uranus will remain in forward motion until September 1, 2024 when it will stop to go into reverse at 28 degrees of Taurus. Stationary planets wield what we might refer to as Superpowers that can be certainly utilized for the enormous benefit of humanity and Mother Earth. When you read through the January 25 & January 26 calendar entries, see how many of Uranus’s exalted archetypes you can manifest in your key relationships and throughout the world.


We are providing two entries from the Astrological Cosmic Kalendar App – for Thursday January 25 and Friday January 26 – so you can read more about how this Full Moon is influencing you personally and how you can take advantage of the various solar, lunar and planetary alignments to invigorate your life-purpose and higher-destiny patterns in a superlative manner.


Cosmic Kalendar Entries for Thursday January 25 and Friday January 26  (Times listed are in PST.)


Thursday January 25 For whatever bizarre reason, Full Moon days seem to contain an extra sprinkling of unusual celestial seasonings. With the Sun and Moon energizing 6 degrees of Aquarius and Leo (9:55am), send your healing prayers, meditations, thoughts and affirmations to humanity, Mother Earth and the realms of nature. Enlightening vibes are pervasive in all areas of life thanks to the potency of the fixed-air of Aquarius combining alchemically with the fixed-fire of Leo. Since Mars in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries (9:16am), interests build in the martial arts and looking over carefully your primary concerns about healing modalities. Now that the Moon is in fixed-fire Leo, allow your inner child to roam free and let your artistic abilities run wild for a change of pace as rebellion-prone Uranus is slowing down in its retrograde cycle to make a halt at 20 degrees of Taurus late tomorrow night. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]


Friday January 26 Today and tomorrow constitute the two days following the Full Moon that flourished all-day yesterday. This is the right time to play the role of goodwill ambassador around the world. However, the path to expressing love and goodwill may have some bumps in the road as the cosmos sends out a quintet of non-heavenly sky cycles that sounds a potentially discordant note. In astrological short-hand, Mercury squares Chiron (6:50am), the Sun and Juno link by 135-degrees (8:05am), Venus makes the same 135-degree aspect with Uranus (8:34am), Ceres squares Neptune (8:54am), and the Sun squares Jupiter (11:20pm). With friends in the solar system like these 5 sky cycles, who needs enemies? Refuse to buckle under the weight of these shadow forces emanating from the great beyond. By the way in addition to Uranus ending its retrograde cycle and halting in the heavens to go forward at 20 degrees of Taurus (11:37pm), the Moon in Leo begins a 21+ hour void twilight zone during a square to Uranus (1:20pm) and this limbo zone won’t conclude until the Moon enters mutable-earth Virgo at 11:12am on Saturday. Zero in on the following important Uranus themes – surprises, revolution and radical change, intuition, eccentricity, the multi-media and high technology, advances in science and industry, aviation and space travel, the occult & metaphysics, jokers and wild cards, drawing outside the box, anxiety and the nervous system, upheavals and anarchy. Keep in mind that while Uranus will no longer be retrograde tomorrow, all the Uranus themes indicated above will remain active at a white-hot level of impact in human affairs. (Uranus stays in forward motion until September 1 when it will reverse course again at 28 degrees of Taurus.) P.S. If some of you decide to take this day with a grain or two of salt, no one will criticize you. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]


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