World Trade / Pentagon Bombings: A 19-Part 911 Series

Updated: Sep 11

As we approach the 20-Year Anniversary of September 11, 2001, we are re-sharing Mark Lerner's 19-part written series covering the happenings of that historical and horrific day with insight into the astro-alignments and other significant and synchronistic events. In this post, we are re-sharing parts 1 and 2, with more coming soon.


by Mark Lerner

Dateline: Sept. 12, 2001 Eugene, Oregon... I write these words less than 20 hours after the worst terrorist destruction to ever strike America on a single day. As Publisher of Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal for 20 years, I have often shared with you about these type of events -- the Challenger destruction and Chernobyl blasts of 1986, the Persian Gulf War of 1991, President Clinton's crisis in the White House and Impeachment proceedings during 1998-1999. And I have always revealed to you that astrology is truly a divine and mathematical art, language and unique system of understanding world events.

The shocking events of Tuesday (ruled by Mars) Sept, 11, 2001 will show the power of astrology for those who have the eyes to see. What's so important to remember is that we are not dealing with one "bad" aspect or even two. Anything of this magnitude will be shown to have many -- probably several dozen! -- astrological keynotes, themes and energies.

At this time, in Part I, I want to stammer out a large group of astrological indicators -- pointers for all astrology students, professionals and teachers -- so you can start your own research and analysis. Please write to me with your views and ideas. We are about to launch Welcome to Planet Earth as a journal on this web site during the next few weeks, and I will want your e-mails, letters, ideas and input -- particularly on this crucial subject. Also -- on this same Index page, you can scroll down after reading this article or printing out the materials, and find an article I wrote on Saddam Hussein 5 years ago. His chart and presence are still important now -- even though it appears that the terrorist Osama bin Laden is a primary, alleged perpetrator of these evil deeds. In that feature I wrote 5 years ago, I mentioned the important ties between Saddam Hussein and Colin Powell, both born in April 1937. I made certain predictions then and, in many ways, they have to come to pass -- with the presence now of Colin Powell as our Secretary of State.

I recommend that you print out this article and the color chart appearing at the end. Know that I will update this feature within a few days -- once we learn more of the US response to this horrific act on our soil, and the possible individuals/group responsible for the mass murder and havoc. At the end of the feature is my e-mail address where you can reach me with your views. Now here is your key list of the BIG ASTROLOGY FACTORS involved with the events of Sept. 11, 2001. They are not given in order of importance, but all of them are significant and need your careful consideration as astrologers.

Mercury at 14+ Libra exactly rises in NYC as the first plane (American Airlines Flight 11 -- note connection to Sept. 11 and the 11th sign Aquarius, ruling aviation) crashes into the World Trade Center North tower. 14+ Libra is the precise placement of America's natal Saturn from July 4, 1776. Our Saturn as a nation is our Achilles' heel, where we can be very vulnerable, fearful, chronically weak. Mercury rules transportation and trade! Need I say more here. I guess I must because, if you really think about it, Mercury reaching the USA Saturn can mean a stoppage, blocking or halting (Saturn is restriction) of movement. And when this first plane hit -- remember Mercury had winged sandals and was the "Messenger of the Gods," symbolizing this jet in the sky -- it would set off a chain reaction that would throw our entire nation into extreme fear (Saturn). In fact, for the first time in American history, this event, followed by the other plane hijackings and crashes, would close all American airports. Thus, transiting Mercury strikes the USA Saturn, exactly rising in NYC at the first crash itself, and all aviation transportation stops in America. Note that Mercury was in the middle "decanate" or 10-degree sector of Libra -- and this has an Aquarian subtone! To make matters more worrisome, mark October 20-27, 2001 on your calendars. Why? Mercury will go retrograde from Oct. 1-23 and from Oct. 20-27, Mercury will make its direct station at 14+ Libra -- right where it was on Sept. 11 and also back again on our country's Saturn. Ouch! [And from Oct. 6-8, a weekend, the Sun will cross 14+ Libra, while Mars squares this area from Capricorn (Oct. 2-5) and Jupiter squares the same area from Cancer (Oct. 1-12.)]

Mercury was approaching a flowing trine (120-degree pattern) to transiting Saturn as all of the horrendous events were taking place. This Mercury-Saturn trine in the sky would become exact at 6:06PM EDT on Sept. 11, 2001. Why -- we should ask -- should a Mercury-Saturn harmonious link cause so much death and destruction? First of all, let's remember there are many other factors involved. Also -- from the standpoint of the perpetrators of this crime, it was an amazing success! The evildoers managed to commandeer 4 planes, hijack them, kill everyone on board, and use the planes and the people to destroy the twin World Trade towers and strike America's defense establishment at the Pentagon. Thus, the Mercury-Saturn trine represents the stunning achievement of these people. It also reminds us that perhaps even a Saturn placement at 14+ Gemini -- trining the USA Saturn at 14+ Libra -- is not going to give us much that is pleasant. As the Magi Society has written in their books and in several articles in WTPE journal from 1997-2000, Saturn -- while potentially helpful in individual charts -- is almost always a problem or sinister force in mundane astrology.

The Moon in late Gemini was "Void-of-Course" having made its last alignment (a trine to Uranus in Aquarius) at 9:42PM EDT the night before Sept. 11, 2001. We have discussed the Void Moon phenomenon in WTPE many times and did a cover story on this activity about 5 years ago. The Moon is void when it has made its last Ptolemaic alignment to one of the planetary bodies (conjunction; sextile, trine; square; opposition) and will not make another one until the Moon enters a new zodiacal sign. Most researchers advise people not to make major decisions when the Moon is void, that decisions made will not work out as expected. It is suggested not to sign papers, begin a key project, etc. To some extent, it is like entering a mist, a twilight-zone, lasting for a few minutes, an hour or two, and once in awhile, a day or two. However, there are two kinds of void Moons. One negative; the other, positive. I see the negative ones as beginning with squares or oppositions, sometimes with conjunctions of the Moon to, say, Mars, Saturn or Pluto. I see the positive ones as beginning with sextiles or trines, sometimes with conjunctions to, say, Mercury, the Sun, Venus or Jupiter.

Well, to make a long story short, the Moon was void in Gemini during Monday night in NYC and this void cycle lasted until 12:09PM EDT on Sept. 11, 2001. Thus, all the death, conflagration and damage occurred during a void Moon. However, this was no ordinary v