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AstroFlash on the 2022 USA Solar Return

Dateline: Sunday July 3, 2022 | Presented here is an important feature on America’s Solar Return for 2022 which occurs on Tuesday July 5 at 4:02am EDT.

Even though the USA birth chart — for our Declaration of Independence — is from July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA, the Sun can return to its exact zodiacal placement on the day before or after July 4. This year the Sun’s return is on July 5 and a color horoscope (calculated for Washington, D.C.) is presented with this article. Note: It is also useful to create a second kind of Solar Return chart known as a Bi-Wheel where the natal horoscope is shown as the Inner Wheel and the Solar Return celestial bodies are placed in the Outer Wheel. In this feature, we are focusing on the Solar Return chart on its own.

While every celestial orb position is significant and the entire pattern is also powerful, some alignments and house placements deserve extra scrutiny and understanding.

Whatever house position the Sun is located in places an emphasis on the affairs of that area of the chart. Since this year’s Solar Return for the USA occurs close to the second house cusp signifying financial resources and business matters (along with the largest asteroid Ceres), this makes total sense as one of the biggest issues facing all Americans is the value of our money, the fluctuation and volatility of the US dollar and interest rates, worries about inflation, the recent increase in gas and food prices, and everyone’s personal assets and savings.

The Moon – having so much to do with our feelings, moods, and instincts – can be anywhere in the entire zodiac and for our national 1-year solar cycle the lunar orb is below in the fourth house signifying home and family concerns, agriculture, land and food, roots and foundations. What’s crucial to realize is that the Moon is placed at 22+ degrees of Virgo which is precisely the placement of Neptune on July 4, 1776.

I have created dozens of complimentary podcasts on our website at since May 2019 — in the Mark Lerner Astrology Radio section entitled AstroScope — and in so many of these podcasts I have been reporting on America dealing in 2021-2022 with the rare transit of Neptune in Pisces in an illuminating or stress-causing opposition to our natal Neptune in Virgo which last happened in the late 1850s just before the start of our Civil War. Therefore, the Moon — representing mass consciousness and our populace as a whole when studying Mundane or Earth Astrology — right on our national Neptune degree refers to both the psychic sensitivity and creative imaginative power that we possess to change our future for the highest good while also potentially energizing a collective confusion and dissolution of our greater purpose internally as a country and regarding the essential role we have to uplift humanity and be a steward protecting the realms of Mother Nature.

While love-romance, alchemical and creative artistic goddess Venus in multi-faceted and versatile Gemini has just risen and Messenger of the Gods Mercury at 1 degree of Cancer in the first house of higher self-expression has just made an exact and supportive, 60-degree alliance with the energy-enhancing, red planet Mars at 1 degree of Taurus, there are numerous danger spots that warrant all of our attention.

Saturn at 25 degrees of Aquarius is exactly at the tenth house cusp (the power angle of any birth chart) representing how America is presenting itself to the world and the cosmos. This could signify the heightened sense of responsibility, determination and hard work to keep our planet intact and preserved over the next 12 months. However, the shadow side of Saturn points to our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, old karma, fears and restrictions — which could lead to a collective sense of pessimism or even depression, emotionally and psychologically if not also financially.

Mars is placed at the beginning of Taurus, but that means it has just visited and empowered the last degree of Aries as our Solar Return occurs. Unfortunately, this is exactly where Mars was located on January 6, 2021 during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol — along with all the volatility and anger that occurred on that day and which is still being discussed via the Congressional committee investigating the violence and battles that took place on that date.

The asteroid Vesta — strongly associated with safety-security measures, home-hearth themes, insurance rates and coverage, investment planning, soul-sister bonds, embassies and diplomacy, the Eternal Flame and ancient temple magic — is very important at this year’s Solar Return. The main reasons are that Vesta is slowing down on July 5 and about to make a station to go retrograde on July 7 at 7 degrees of Pisces. This is exactly opposite the last halt by Vesta when it made a direct station at 7 degrees of Virgo back on April 20, 2021. In addition, the powerful fate-destiny transiting Mean North Node of the Moon is focused at 19 degrees and 43 minutes of Taurus - exactly, within 3 minutes of arc, where America’s natal Vesta was located on July 4, 1776. And as I have pointed out in several of my podcasts, Vladimir Putin’s natal Jupiter is right on our Vesta with no orb at all of distance — a major reason why he has become such a disturbing adversary to our nation with Russia’s vast nuclear arsenal and its current invasion of Ukraine.

Last but certainly not least, the distant planet Pluto, underworld-ruler and keeper of many mysteries and secrets, at 27+ degrees of Capricorn is making its first-ever return to its natal placement in the USA birth chart this year. This first return occurred on February 20 and this will occur again on July 10 and then one more time on December 28. The main challenge here is that this 2022 USA Pluto Return is not really a three-pronged reality on separate days, but more of a continuous wave with three peaks — and the middle peak is almost precise as America experiences its Solar Return. Remember that in Roman and Greek mythology, Pluto (or Hades) had a helmet that made him invisible when visiting the surface realms. Therefore, regarding Pluto and its positive and negative archetypes, seeing is not always equivalent to believing, and human beings don’t always clearly comprehend the extremely super-charged and explosive energies that sustain life in our vast subconscious and unconscious dimensions of consciousness.

Let us hope that we all can contribute as Goodwill Ambassadors far and wide to increase Love, Understanding and Wisdom throughout our neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, across the nation and around the globe.

The bottom line is that every person, business, city, state and country has a Solar Return chart that influences life in the 12 months to follow.

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