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Global Hot Spot: The Pisces-Virgo Full Moon on March 7, 2023

Saturn in Focus at this monthly Solar-Lunar crescendo: Nearly simultaneously at the time of the Pisces-Virgo Full Moon, Saturn enters Pisces for what will be a nearly 3-year odyssey. Later this year – first on June 17 and then on November 4 – Saturn will station to go into reverse at 8 degrees of Pisces and then station to go into forward motion at 1 degree of Pisces. For all of 2024, Saturn will be in zodiacal sign #12 and then make a couple of shifts into Aries and back into Pisces in 2025 – to eventually start a new journey in Aries for several years on February 13, 2026 only to meet up with Neptune at 1 degree of Aries on February 20, 2026 for their every 35-36-year conjunction.

This Full Moon gives you a Golden Opportunity to work with all the Higher Principles and Archetypes of both Saturn and Pisces.

Dateline March 5, 2023: For those of you who are now enjoying the Astrology Cosmic Kalendar App one day at a time – but who have not yet subscribed to be able to look several weeks into the future – here are the calendar entries for the very potent Pisces-Virgo Full Moon on Tuesday March 7 and Wednesday March 8. Because every day – beyond the current 24 hours that we define as one rotation of our celestial orb on its axis – has astro-zodiacal magic, mystery and wonder is why thousands of people around the world have been tuning into the Astrological Cosmic Kalendar for the last 41 years and since it was at the heart-center of our Welcome to Planet Earth pioneering astrology newspaper/magazine during the 1980s and 1990s.

The main reason this Full Moon — energizing 17 degrees of Pisces and Virgo— is extra significant is due to Saturn entering Pisces less than 1 hour later for its nearly three-year journey through the mutable-water last sign of the zodiac.

Plus, in the horoscope for the Full Moon as calculated for Washington, D.C. (presented at the end of this feature), the wounded-healer, Shaman-Mentor centaur celestial body Chiron in Aries is exactly rising along with King of the Gods Jupiter as their conjunction builds up toward exactitude on Saturday March 11.

For much more on the opportunities and challenges associated with recent New and Full Moons and Eclipses, please listen to the most recent podcasts in the Mark Lerner Astrology Radio AstroScope section on our website.

You can read more about this New Moon in the two calendar entries below. Please consider the merits of subscribing to the Astrology Cosmic Kalendar App to strengthen your already developing skills as a seer who can tune into the future ahead of time.

Future Cosmic Kalendar Entries for Tuesday March 7 and Wednesday March 8 (All times are listed in PST.)

Tuesday March 7 Seven has always been known since antiquity as the key spiritual number for so many reasons – for example, the seven days of creation, colors in the rainbow, notes in the musical scale, days of the week and that when you divide 7 into the 360-degrees of the zodiac you don’t get an even number. 1/7 of 360 = 51 degrees & approximately 26 minutes of arc, and which astrologers name this to be a septile aspect. All other primary numbers 1 through 9 (except 7) divide equally into the circle of the zodiac of 360-degrees. So, on this March 7 we have the Moon in Virgo trine consciousness-raising Uranus in Taurus (2:52am) and the rare event of a powerful and enlightening Full Moon — energizing 17 degrees of Pisces and Virgo at 4:42am — occurring less than one hour before Saturn enters Pisces (5:36am) in a several-year cycle that won’t officially end until February 13, 2026. While revelations abound and it is essential to send out your healing thoughts, affirmations and prayers via meditation to loved ones, Mother Nature and the realms of the Earth, be aware that strange forces are on the prowl as Pallas Athena in Cancer squares Vesta in Aries (4:09am) and the Moon makes parallel aspects throughout the day to Venus, Chiron and Jupiter while Venus parallels Chiron (11:12am) — re-triggering their zodiacal union from March 3. Recognize, too, that all major Saturn themes — hard work, determination, logic, reason, pragmatism, responsibility, career-professional aims, climbing the ladder of success to higher positions of business leadership — are in play. However, watch out for Saturn’s shadowy archetypes of fear, doubt, worry, frustration and pessimism. The monthly lunar polarity to Neptune in Pisces (8:40pm) is a reminder to keep a notebook by your bed overnight to record Technicolor dreams. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

Wednesday March 8 Recall what was shared back in the March 2 calendar entry that major celestial alignments on one day can definitely have an echo-effect (and more) the following day or two. Therefore, Tuesday’s potent Full Moon and the equally important Saturn entry into Pisces are grabbing the celestial headlines and definitely influencing humanity and life on Mother Earth. It makes sense to read again the highlights and keynotes concerning Saturn in order to maximize your ability to be in soulful sync with the most beautiful planet in our solar system. No matter what the old books on astrology discussed concerning this planet, the so-called past astrological experts didn’t know other celestial orbs — beyond Saturn and asteroids inside the orbits of Mars and Jupiter — were also impinging on human and earthly evolution. Be aware of a short void lunar zone in Virgo that begins during a trine to underworld-chieftain Pluto in Capricorn (6:08am) and concludes when the Moon enters airy Libra (6:45am). This sets the stage for the monthly Moon union with Ceres (12:58pm) offering a major emphasis on increasing productivity in your main fields of expertise. It makes sense to zero in on your nutritional and dietary needs. Mother-Daughter themes, along with everything associated with gardening, nature, food and agriculture, are promoted. With the Moon now active in the seventh sign of the zodiac, focus attention on improving your primary partnerships. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

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