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for 18 Years!

The Cosmic Kalendar is now a new website and mobile application in Apple and Google Play App stores. Download the app and view today’s forecast free! Subscribe for less than .20 cents a day to see 3-4 weeks into the future, along with other cosmic features & resources. 


After living as a member of the Findhorn Community from (1976-1979), Mark Lerner created and published Welcome To Planet Earth Magazine in 1981, which was sent to subscribers around the world, including The White House, through 2001.


Mark is the Author of the book, Mysteries of Venus, Co-Creator of the International Best-Seller, Inner Child Cards - A Fairy Tale Tarot, and Co-Creator of the Baseball Tarot.


Over the years, Mark Lerner has been interviewed on radio, television and podcasts. He is senior advisor to celebrity clients, and a frequent guest on Coast To Coast AM Radio with George Noory. 

Astrologer Mark Lerner

Mark Lerner’s School of Planetary Studies is available as a 36-hour audio course on his website, and his current podcast, AstroScope, is online and available on most popular podcast applications. 


If you are looking for authentic, professional, accurate & inspirational Astrology advisory, contact Mark Lerner for a custom estimate. 


For Insightful PDF Astrology Reports, Astrology phone Consultations with Mark, and ordering Astrology Birth Charts, visit the Astrology Shop!

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Mark Lerner Astrology Cosmic Kalendar

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Gemini Keynote: I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.

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Inner Child Cards
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Inner Child Cards: A Fairy-Tale Tarot