Donald Trump's Solar Return for June 14, 2019

Dateline Tuesday June 18, 2019: With this AstroFlash posting is Donald Trump’s Solar Return chart that occurred in sync with his 73rd birthday on June 14, 2019. As I reported in my Cosmic Kalender entry for June 14, this date revealed 5 intense martial alignments — a conjunction with the transiting Mean North Node of the Moon in Cancer, a 135-degree tie to the largest asteroid Ceres, an opposition to Saturn, an oblique, 150-degree link to Jupiter as well as a parallel to the Sun. In the hours just before his Solar Return became exact, Mars in Cancer made a trine to Neptune in Pisces. While Mars has many sterling qualities (when it is used positively) and Donald Trump is born with the red planet very close to his Rising Degree in late Leo, this celestial body also has several challenging themes and archetypes – some of which connect strongly with anger, inflammatory actions, brash behavior, dangerous liaisons and emotional volatility.

Over the next year, the nation and the world will see how martial the celestial vibrations will be for the current president as he heads into the intensity of the 2020 campaign for a second 4-year term in The White House. Plus, to understand more about or order Solar Returns, visit the Astrology Shop on our website (at the top of the Home Page) and go to the Astrology Report page where you can view Sample Reports.