Astroflash: Ridgecrest Earthquake July 4, 2019 - Updated!

Dateline July 4, 2019: This morning’s 6.4 earthquake centered in the Searles Valley of California (near the town of Ridgecrest, population approximately 28,000) is the most severe in the last 20 years in the Golden State. There have been well over 150 after-shocks and the concerns of seismologists are growing that another 5.0+ or larger earthquake might occur in the near future. The synchronization of this earthquake with our national solar rebirth and the overly-heavy militarization of festivities in Washington, DC is perhaps a greater worry.

In looking at the exact birth chart, the rising degree of 12+ Virgo is pointing toward California’s Virgo Sun degree (16+ Virgo) from this state entering the Union on September 9, 1850 following the Gold Rush of the previous two years. And 12+ Virgo is also the exact Sun degree for when Los Angeles was founded as a town on September 4, 1781 – just six weeks before the British defeat at Yorktown gave America its victory in the Revolutionary War. Therefore, this earthquake may be a reminder that LA – which is so connected with the San Andreas fault-line – needs to always prepare for the so-called “Big One.”